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Relaxation: Looking At Relaxing Beach Photos And Videos

Updated on March 1, 2013

The Beach

The beach is just sand and in some cases rock that is near the water. It is almost nothing. Yet even with all the available options people will flock to a beach. They will even pay money to sit or lay on the ground. It is a very open place with a good view of the sky, the water and land that is mostly void of plants and buildings. Going to the beach can be a very relaxing experience. You can go there and forget about your problems for a while. To me being at the beach is a lot like meditating.

I try to get to the beach once a week in the summer. However summer does not last very long and going to the same beach all the time can get boring. I can't just go to the beach whenever I want and I can't go to any beach I want. Luckily other people share their own beach experiences. They write about them as well as take pictures and videos. Looking at pictures, watching videos and even reading about people's experiences at the beach can make me feel more relaxed. It is not as good as actually being there but it is still enjoyable and it can be very relaxing.

Preparing Yourself

To get the most out of the relaxing pictures and videos I recommend you start by focusing on your breathing. Use deep slow belly breathing. You can start doing that now. Then relax your body. You might want to tell yourself "Relax my body" and "I am becoming more and more relaxed.". Then give yourself a nice long look at the photos and videos. You will get more out of it if you are focused on them. Allow yourself some relaxation time.

Below you will find photos, slideshows and then videos. If you don't like the sounds you can turn the sound down. While looking at the photos and videos you may want to try imagining that you are there enjoying the experience. I hope you will find them relaxing.

Relaxing beach
Relaxing beach | Source

Finding More

The are lots of good beach images on Flickr. YouTube and Vimeo have a lot of videos and picture slideshows with relaxing beach scenery. You could also use Google or Bing. Another good site is You can use it to find stories of people that had enjoyable beach experiences. I also recommend taking pictures and making videos yourself of the beaches you go to. If you personalize it you can use the pictures to bring back relaxing happy memories. Sites like Amazon have some very relaxing beach DVDs.


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