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Relieving Yourself

Updated on March 26, 2010
Expand the power
Expand the power

When The Pressure Builds Spend It Wisely

Notice the build up of pressure in your body.

Breathe deep into the heart of it.

Notice the pain of not having what you want.

Let yourself become aware of what it is you really want, and imagine it as a word, phrase, or image.

Again, breathe into this place of pressure in your body, and as you breathe out, imagine expanding this pressure outwards, expanding it to fill your entire body. Notice the change in how your body now feels.

And inhaling once more, this time imagine as you exhale, expanding the pressure of your desire beyond your body into your personal field of electro-magnetic energy, approximately arm's length distance all the way around you. And notice the difference in how your body now feels.

And from this experience of greater stability, imagine the place in your body where you earlier noticed the most pressure, firmly, deeply rooted in your body. And as you do, notice the strength in your spine, and the effect on your posture.

And noticing these affects, imagine that word, phrase or image that represents what you want, and breathe it in to the place in your body where you first noticed the most pressure. And notice how your body responds.

Continue breathing in what you want, filling the place in your body that first made you aware of your desire, breathing it out to fill your entire body; breathing it in again, and out to fill your entire field of personal space.

And now allow yourself to become aware of what next action to take. And make your choice.


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