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Rema on hubpages

Updated on May 5, 2014
9 to 5 job
9 to 5 job

What am I doing on Hubpages?

My knowledge of hubpages came quite late when I chanced upon a hub sometime 2 years ago. I had hardly had any time for computers when I had a day job. I quit my day job as a banker due to Rheumatoid Arthritis which did not allow me to do justice to my job. I was not able to balance home and office work, so I made a decision to become a stay-at-home mom to my two children, my son having become sort of independent by then, with only my little daughter to take care of.

My Priorities

Once I stopped working outside the home, I had to take care of my arthritis first. I did and became quite active. Then I started thinking about how to compensate my lost income ( a good one too, about a decade ago). I was not very familiar with computers, all I knew about it was to send and receive emails and browse the web for some interesting reading.

I only knew that I liked to read whenever and wherever I found something useful and good to read. I never had an inkling that I could write well enough to make some money. As I was raking my brains about ways to add to the income of the family, my desired break came when I got a writing assignment.

Exciting work

My first writing assignment was a big success. It was very well received and appreciated much to my surprise and happiness. I had never imagined such a situation! At the same time I had the feeling that I could have done the work even better than I did; when this thought occurred to me, I knew that I was on the right track as I realized that I should never be satisfied with my work in order to climb the ladder of success.

It was the beginning of a wonderful career. There is nothing better than doing something that is close to your heart. I felt excitement racing through me when I started dreaming about many more such writing assignments.

I am very sure that my writing alone did not open a new career path for me. I understood that my natural traits like sincerity, dedication, a sense of commitment and a feeling that I was helping someone else make their career brought me success. I was able to build excellent rapport with my clients and earn their trust with my genuine care and concern.

I had become a freelance copywriter!! My joy knew no bounds when I started making a few extra dollars which was a big support for the family. I don't earn big money, but certainly it is a substantial amount that would take care of a few bills of the household. The happiness that financial independence can bring cannot be explained but has to be experienced by every one.

Gaining expertise

My work exposed me to the web in a never-before manner and I was reading a great many topics which was an everyday treat for me. I was delighted by this newly found work. It was at such an instance that I came to Hubpages. I was so impressed by its simplicity and usefulness, that I decided to become a hubber. I would not say that I have made big headway hubbing, but I have made a beginning. It has been a humble beginning but I write whatever I write with great happiness.

I enjoy writing and it has become a passion of mine. When I am not working for my clients (which means I get only a few hours' respite), I am here browsing the interesting pages and trying to plan my next hub.

Change for the better

I love the world around me and I wish the world we live in would be much safer and more peaceful than it is now. Environment is another concern of mine and I really wish that the green picture of this beautiful planet is painted clearly in the minds of the people, irrespective of their color or race so that they would make a sincere effort to make the 'green dream' come true.

Thank you Hubpages

Thanks to Hubpagesfor offering this great platform to people like me. I have started spreading the word about Hubpages to all my friends and family as it offers an enjoyable experience to writers from all walks of life. It is a great facilitator for people to express their joys and sorrows, the good and the bad things of life and to hone their writing skills.



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