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Review on getting a Pedicure

Updated on November 14, 2012
Feet before a Pedicure
Feet before a Pedicure | Source
Feet after a Pedicure
Feet after a Pedicure | Source

My feet were screaming to get some pampering, and they were justified since it had been over 3 months since I gave them attention.

Why pamper your feet?

Our feet are crucial to us. They withstand our body’s weight and take us around. We should give some credit to them via a personal or a professional pedicure.

Pedicure is like servicing of one’s feet since; they happen to carry extra weight of our frame. We usually take about 10,000 steps a day, which could add up to about 115,000 miles in a lifetime. That is all the more reason; our feet need maintenance just like a car goes for servicing every quarter.

Looking at the importance of one’s feet. A pedicure is recommended for a man and a woman.

Health benefits

Cleaning your feet by cutting, and clipping off the nails prevents them to grow inward and cause infection. Helping to keep one’s feet clean from dirt and bacteria and exfoliating it from dead skin cells will help eliminate foot odors, prevent nail diseases, and encourages new skin cells to grow, which helps create a smooth skin for the feet.

Main attraction of getting a Pedicure

A pedicure can be done by oneself or we could go into a spa where they pamper your feet and massage your legs by giving the right pressure and pressing all the right points to relieve the toxins accumulated over time. Main attraction of getting a pedicure in a salon is the massage. The lotions used in the massage moisturize the skin and the massage promotes circulation in the calves and feet. It has also helped in reducing the pain in the foot, and this kind of pampering can also help reduce stress.

Going to a Pedicurist

Usually no appointments are necessary if getting a pedicure in a salon. Just make sure the pedicurist is licensed and accredited and makes you feel comfortable. If you don’t get good vibes from that professional, you could just walk out.

Types of Pedicures
Unusual pedicures:Chocolate, Wine,Fish
Regular Pedicure
Regular Pedicure | Source
French Pedicure
French Pedicure | Source
Fish Pedicure
Fish Pedicure | Source

Video on Fish Pedicure

The process

You step in store for a pedicure and they usually have many kinds of pedicures that a customer can indulge their feet in.

Prices of each pedicure varies from city to city. But they usually start from a basic of $20 and above.

  • A Regular Pedicure is the most common type where the customer soaks her/his feet in warm-scented water for some time. Hardened skin is sloughed away with a pumice stone and toe nails are timed and filed. Feet are dipped into paraffin wax, and after the wax dries off, it is peeled away from the feet. This paraffin procedure is highly moisturizing to the dry feet. The pedicurist applies a moisturizer to the feet and gives a good foot massage. Nail polish is applied to the toe nails depending on the choice of the customer. This kind of pedicure is also referred to as a mini-pedi or a miniature pedicure and is less time consuming for people on the run.

Note: Nail color is optional if a man is getting a pedicure. However, the fun associated with getting your toenails colored is exceptional.

  • A French Pedicure is also immensely popular where the customer nails are trimmed and dead cells are peeled off either using a pumice stone or a scrubber. Feet and legs are moisturized and massaged with a lotion. A natural shade or a light pink color of nail polish is applied. White polish is applied to the tip of the toe nails.
  • Margarita pedicures also available where the feet are scrubbed with salt scrub and limes are added to the soaking water for the skin of the feet to be toned and boost its circulation by removing its toxins.
  • Some unusual pedicures

Chocolate and wine pedicures are somewhat unusual where the customer’s feet are soaked in chocolate or wine respectively prior to getting their toenails trimmed and cleaned.

Scientifically proven pedicures, which are proven to treat people suffering from psoriasis and eczema. Customer’s feet are dipped in a fish tank. These fishes are referred to as nibbler fish and are supposed to eat dead skin. These are a specific kind of fishes and are usually native to the rivers of parts of the Middle East.

4.9 out of 5 stars from 9 ratings of Would you like to get a pedicure?

A word of Caution

A person going in for a pedicure is to be aware of the instruments used in the salon. Make sure the instruments are sterilized prior to usage.


A pedicure will leave you feeling pampered, and healthy, as it is intensely therapeutic and healing to the feet.

Indulge in it now, so that your feet are strong and recharged to do the walking for the shopping during the festival time.


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