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My Weight Loss Journey - About me and why I am Dieting

Updated on July 5, 2009

About me

I started this as I wanted to record how I was feeling and coping with loosing weight.

I actually started back with Weight Watchers 16-april-2009 because at 163.5 lbs (11 st 9.5lbs) and 5ft 1.5 inches I was way over weight.

I'm in my forties with husband and two children (born 95 and 97). My weight gradually built up over the years and having the children and working full time in London meant that I did not seem to have much time for looking after 'me'.

I when I was pregnant with my first son, I had PHA (too much fluid around the baby) and ended up very stretched. This combined with having Cesarean sections left me with a saggy belly.

I eventually got to go to Weight Watchers several years ago when I finally had enough of not being able to get nice clothes. Being short (at 5 foot 1.5 inches) meant that the larger sizes seem to swamp what height I had, and made any skirt look like a marque!!

If I remember rightly, I was around 12 stone when I joined (May) and by December I was under 9 stone. I will get out my old card and enter that as a separate blog.

Although I was now in the 'normal' range, I was still disappointed as my belly did not seem any better and hung down badly. My husband had said that if I stayed that size then we'll get something done about it.

After just getting to goal, I changed my working hours from 8am-4pm to 10am-6pm which meant that I don't get home until 7:30pm and by the time I've had tea (which DH make most of the time) and got the kids into bed I get very little time to myself. This meant that I had to give up going to WW meetings.

The following July (2006) I entered the Oxfam Trailwalker and got to checkpoint 9 (87km) before the blisters finally got to me (along with the rain and thunder), I still felt that the rest of me could go on just not my feet. I want to do it again in 2010 and this time go the full 100km

After this, the weight really started to go back on, and it was getting to the point where I couldn't get decent clothes again. My husband had started to lose weight and I had just decided to start at WW (a different class that starts later) when my brother announced that he was getting married in July (2009)

My first weigh-in was 7:15pm Wednesday 15th Apr 2009 and I weighed 11st 9.5 lb (163.5lb) and As I work sitting all day, I initially had 18 points a day.

Last year in Isle of Wight

Tea and Scones overlooking Sandown
Tea and Scones overlooking Sandown


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    • RicherR profile image

      RicherR 8 years ago from England, Essex

      Keeping a check on my starchy foods is definately on my list of things that help. I haven't cut them out completely, but I have cut down. I have also noticed that when I have that extra slice of bread my weight loss 'stumbles' a bit.

    • loubylou profile image

      loubylou 8 years ago from Aus


      I can certainly relate to failed attempts at weight loss, well putting it all back on plus some. I'm 5'7" and even though that is tallish, being at 152kg (335lb) i knew i just had to find an answer that worked.

      I've now lost 12.7kg (30lb) in 8 weeks following a moderate protein based with less starchy carbs and basically no sugars. I eat more times a day, and have a free day to eat what i want every week. It's easy to fit in with family meals, and eating out.

      I just walk most days and try and be more active each day. Feel free to read my hubs on eating healthy and burning fat for good. I only have two right now but I'll do more soon.

      Hard to find time. Good luck and keep posting.