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Week 1 Daily Weigh-in - 1st week on the Diet

Updated on July 4, 2009

 When I started back I signed up for the monthly pass, as it saves me having to worry about making sure that I had money in my purse, and I got an Essentials Pack as a promotional gift which includes a journal to keep track. I also use it to record other things.
I also weigh myself first thing every morning, I know they say that you shouldn't, but I find that a loss keeps me motivated, and a gain spurs me on. I keep a record on a spreadsheet and have a graph showning the movement. I have also been plotting the number of points eaten each day and you can definately see the correlation.

At weigh-in (previous evening) I was 163.5 (11s 9.5)

Day1 - 163.2 I was hungry most of today-must be a shock to the system
Day2 - 162.2 good start but not so hungry
Day3 - 160.6 weighed myself several hours after normal time as I have a lay-in on weekends. I felt very hungry during the evening after doing exercise on the wii Fit
Day4 - 157.8 again after a lay-in. I woke up in the night feeling very hungry. Wii Fitted today
Day5 - 160.6 Monday morning blues. Earlier weighing means less of a loss (or a gain as it shows here)

Day6 - 160.2 Today went out with my mother-in-law for her birthday treat. Took my Eating Out book and checked for the lowest point foods before ordering, as she likes to go to KFC (she doesn't go very often)

Day7 - 159.4 Had the day off and run an errand which meant that I could do a lot of walking for exercise

At WW weighed in at 11s 6lbs (160 lbs) which is a loss of 3.5 lbs


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