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What's the Rush?

Updated on May 14, 2016

Are you constantly in a rush? Out of control, with total disregard for anyone or anything around you. I see it everyday, people in panic mode, trying to beat the clock. Why? Is life meant to be a competition? Is a few more minutes going to make that much difference? Next time, you better think twice...before you seriously hurt someone, yourself included.

On the highways, in their neighborhoods, at work, the grocery store, in restaurants, everywhere you turn, adults scurrying around like tomorrow's the end of the world. SLOW DOWN!!! Don't you realize how much stress you're adding to an already hectic life? And, if that isn't bad enough, your reckless, thoughtless behavior is endangering the lives of others in the process (sometimes your own family members). Rushing to get to work, to get home, running in and out of the local market, picking up the kids, making and eating meals, everything is a race. Living your life at breakneck speed is for Formula 1 racers, not you. RELAX!!!

Let me give you a perfect example that we've all experienced. Driving in normal city traffic, a car zooms past you, nearly taking your left side rear bumper with him, zipping from lane to lane, obviously in a huge hurry. Minding your own business, you drive on. A few minutes later, at a stop light, that same car is in the lane next to you. All that craziness didn't get him or her there any faster than you ( usually I'll try to make eye contact and grin). Ironic? No, just the way things work. Being in a rush isn't worth the possible physical harm or, for that matter, an expensive speeding ticket. Is it? It definitely pays to think twice.

Have patience and purpose, let life come to you. And be astounded by the result.

Why are we always in a hurry? Do we have to look busy to be successful? Is being a go-getter better than being laid back. Being in a hurry really compromises your quality of life. Doing things quickly and mindlessly totally eliminates the pleasure and sense of accomplishment when we successfully get something done. Let’s take a closer look at the physical effects of being in a rush:

  • a sudden sense of panic
  • Stress levels skyrocket
  • the adrenaline causes our minds and bodies to go berzerk
  • the possibility of mistakes greatly increases (making hasty decisions usually causes bad judgments)
  • the risk of affecting others (rudeness, injury, poor job performance, car accidents etc.) enters the equation

And, worst of all, we don’t enjoy what we’re doing.

We all need to step back, take a deep breathe and realize nothing is that important. Things will get done.

And, suddenly you find that life becomes more fulfilling.


The next time you feel in a rush, try some of these techniques. Your stress levels will subside and your sensibility will return.

This really works. It sounds so simple but if you just force yourself to smile the tension seems to ease. And sometimes it will lead to laughter which breaks the ice immediately

Do simple stretches like a neck and shoulder shrug. You won’t believe the amount of tension that area of your body holds. Or, if you can extend overhead This again targets the shoulders but also the back.


This isn’t always an option, but if you can, it really clears the mind.

Just reflect for a second and take a deep breath. It completely slows you down.

It reinforces the reality of the situation. Because unless it’s a life or death situation,
nothing is so serious to affect your overall happiness.

I know the pace of life is challenging but, if we recognize that and do a little
planning, we can breeze through the day feeling great.

These tips and suggestions are proven to work in stressful situations. And, with the Holiday season just a few months away, we all need techniques to slow down and de-stress. Everything becomes much more enjoyable. Taking a few extra minutes to do things, when you really think about it, won't affect anything. You'll be doing your fellow human beings a favor.

What's the Rush?


Why are you always in a rush?

What's your excuse?

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Take a deep breathe


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    • Jai Warren profile imageAUTHOR

      Jai Warren 

      8 years ago from Dallas, Deep Ellum, Texas

      Thanks Arthur... I wish people, when they get that panicky feeling to rush, would just take a slow deep breath and realize a few more minutes in life doesn't matter. But, our mental and physical health does. Ciao!

    • Arthur Fontes profile image

      Arthur Fontes 

      8 years ago from Fall River,MA

      Life is to short to rush through it.

      Good advice.

      Enjoy the moment!

    • Jai Warren profile imageAUTHOR

      Jai Warren 

      9 years ago from Dallas, Deep Ellum, Texas

      It was getting old and tired. So, I tried to give it some google love... Hope you enjoyed it the second time around Lady E. Even I have to constantly remind myself to SLOW DOWN! Thanks for stopping by and the tweet! Ciao.

    • Lady_E profile image


      9 years ago from London, UK

      Saw this tweeted and noticed you've updated it.

      "Are you constantly in a rush?" Jai, my middle name is "Fast Forward". I'm glad I read the Hub again to remind me of how to slow down. Thanks for the advice.

      Best Wishes.

    • Jai Warren profile imageAUTHOR

      Jai Warren 

      9 years ago from Dallas, Deep Ellum, Texas

      Thanks Shari for the thumbs up. People need to slow down, life's already so frenetic. They are very entertaining though... :)

    • wavegirl22 profile image


      9 years ago from New York, NY

      I have learned how to surrender to the rush of the hour .. now I just sit back and watch all the others freak out. makes for some great entertainment ;) Great read Jai . thumbs up!!

    • Jai Warren profile imageAUTHOR

      Jai Warren 

      9 years ago from Dallas, Deep Ellum, Texas

      Lady E,

      Thanks for your visit. I just don't understand people's obsession with doing things quickly. Enjoy the moment!

    • Lady_E profile image


      9 years ago from London, UK

      Its true - We don't realise what we are doing to ourselves when we are on a Fast Forward all the time.

      Some don't even take time to eat and if they do, it's while they are working or even walking.

      Great Hub - a wake up call to slow down for the benefit of our minds and body.


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