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Stigma and Mental Illness & the Three Faces of Eve

Updated on June 18, 2014

After watching the video Stigma and Mental Illness, discuss your reaction by answering the following questions: In your opinion, why is it that the mentally ill are often subjected to shaming by others? What steps would you propose to reduce the sense of shame and stigmatization often experienced by those suffering from psychological disorders?

I always knew that people with mental illness were looked down on by other people, but I never realized the extent before watching the video, Stigma and Mental Illness. It never occurred to me that doctors would treat people suffering from mental illness badly because I always thought that doctors would know and understand how real mental illness is because they would have had to have studied mental illness in medical school. I feel that the mentally ill are often subjected to shaming by others because many people can’t fully understand mental illness as it is not something they can see. People can understand a broken bone because they can see it, but people can’t see depression, they can only see a person who is acting depressed. This can lead to people believing that a person suffering from depression pities themselves or that they can’t handle their own problems. I personally feel that the best way to deal with the stigmatization often experienced by those suffering from psychological disorders is to educate people. I believe that in middle school and high school health class the topic of mental illness should be discussed. I feel that teaching teenagers about mental health early on would help to rid some of the stigmatization as people would then understand that mental illness is real and the pain it can cause those who suffer from it. I believe it would be beneficial if schools cracked down on all mental stigmatization the way that they have on bullying. Students would be less likely to shame others with mental illness if they were punished. I also feel that doctors who shame people who suffer from mental illness should be suspended from practicing until they take a class on mental illness and volunteer in a mental hospital so that they can fully understand the pain of mental illness.

Watch the video The Three Faces of Eve. Based on your research, which dissociative disorder do you believe Eve has in the film? Describe the symptoms or behaviors that led you to this diagnosis. Given her diagnosis, what type of therapy would you recommend for Eve and why?

Based on the short clip, The Three Faces of Eve, I would diagnose Eve with Dissociative Identity Disorder based on the information provided. The fact that Eve goes through three completely different personalities leads me to believe she has Dissociate Identity Disorder. Eve cycled through being a child that was scared of her Mom, a very social and flirty woman without restraint, and a married woman who is fearful that her husband will take her child away because he believes her to be out of her mind. I would recommend that Eve be treated using hypnotherapy and psychotherapy combined with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication to treat Eve’s less severe symptoms. I would recommend hypnotherapy and psychotherapy because they could be used together to discover what caused Eve’s Dissociative Identity Disorder and to treat her disorder. I would recommend that Eve be medicated with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication to help keep Eve from becoming depressed and deciding she no longer wants to be treated.


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      Josie 3 years ago

      Slam dunkin like Shaquille O'Neal, if he wrote iniamrotfve articles.

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      misty103 3 years ago

      Thank You :)

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      Kerryn 3 years ago

      Unebaievlble how well-written and informative this was.