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Safety Tips For The Hurricane Season

Updated on May 16, 2015

Approaching Storm


The Calm Before The Storm

  • Prepare Before The Storm Hits!

The time to get prepared is well before the storm is on the horizon. That is the first most important tip anyone can ever give. By waiting to long to get prepared, you now have to fight to get what is left when everyone who forgot to prepare are at the stores buying all the food and water; the same food and water you were planning on buying, but now the store is completely out.

  • Prepare Your Home.

All outside equipment should be stored away either in the garage or brought in from outside. Tying them down with bungee cords and rope works well also if you do not have the space to store all of it indoors. Outside equipment includes heavy items also such as an outside table and chairs and or even lounge chairs. There might even be things that someone wouldn't think could be blown around, tie it up anyway! The winds in a hurricane can reach over 100 MPH and even blow cars at times. Strap everything down tight.


What You Will Need

If the area has not been evacuated and or you decided to hunker down and ride the storm out like so many people do, there are several things you can do to make your stay a little more comfortable.

REMEMBER: Most of the time during and after a hurricane equal to a level 1 and higher, there will be a point where no power will be available, not just for your particular house, but everyone and everywhere for miles around. So some of the items listed below are for cooking purposes if you happen to cook with electric.

  1. Water- Water is very important to have especially when there is no electricity and during hurricane season it can get overly hot. Also water is a great tool to cook with when there is no power.NOTE: If there is a storm headed your way and you have extra 2 liter bottles or milk jugs, clean them out really well and fill them up with water the day before the storm hits. This is an easy, cheap and affordable way to get water without having to go to the store to buy it.
  2. Storm Radio- These radios are easy to operate and are fairly cheap to get. They also can either run on batteries or they can wind up. It is important to have one of these radios on hand during a storm because you will want to know how bad the storm is expected to get in your area. Along with hearing weather warnings such as wind and tornado warnings.
  3. Canned foods- Being able to still eat when there is no electricity to keep things cold is very important. Can goods normally have longer shelf lives and are easy to prepare without power.
  4. Duct Tape/Wood- Many people use Duct tape or wood to help secure their windows during the storm. Duct tape can be used to tape lines on the window, the reason for this is to help secure the glass if it does shatter during the storm. People also use wood instead of tape to put on the outside of the window to try to keep objects from shattering or entering through the window.
  5. Oil Lamps/Candles/Flashlights- Honestly it wouldn't hurt to have all three of these items, just in case. Oil lamps are nice because they are cheap to fuel, you can use them if you have no other way to cook your meals, and they are decorative pieces you can keep around the house. Candles can be known as a fire hazard especially during hurricane season when people use them the most. Be careful when using candles and make sure not to leave them unattended. A flash light is a given. You never know when you might have to see in the middle of the night and a candle is just not going to work.
  6. Board Games/Cards- It is always nice to have something to do when riding out a storm. Without electricity there will be no tv, and that expensive smartphone or tablet will only work until the battery dies. So what's the next best thing? That's right, family games! It will help keep everyone entertained and their attention focused at least for a little while.
  7. First Aid Kit- Having a first aid kit helps insure piece within yourself that you can be prepared to help someone in need until help arrives. In a bad storm help could be hours away, so a first aid kit can really help in those times.

There are many other things you can do and buy in order to get ready for a storm. Get creative and think outside the box. Get as much water and food as you can to help sustain you and the family for at least a week. I say a week because there have been many times even after the hurricane has come and gone that people have gone without power for 2 to 3 weeks.

Storm Clouds, Kentucky, 2014
Storm Clouds, Kentucky, 2014 | Source

During The Storm

Do not venture out into the storm, not even to check on loud noises, here's why:

  • Down Power Lines- Water and electricity do not mix very well. During a bad storm such as a hurricane there could be one if not several down power lines in the roads and even in your own driveway or yard. Until the power company shuts them down or the electricity goes out, those power lines are live and can cause serious injury if not death within a human being that comes in contact with it.
  • Flying Debris- During a storm that has high winds like a hurricane or tornado there is going to be a lot of flying debris such as tree limbs and other items that were not secured properly or just not secured tight enough. It is not safe to go outside during the storm.
  • Hail- Not all but some hurricanes do have mini hail storms within them. A person would not want to be caught outside in a storm with over 100 MPH winds and a hailstorm comes out of know where.

After The Storm

Once the storm has passed there will most likely be something stated on the radio about going outside and it being safe to do so. This is when you get to estimate the storm damage if there is/was any done to your house or property. There will be a lot of debris lying around in the yard and possibly even a bunch of leaves stuck all over the family car. Neighbors will get together and help one another clean up one another's yard and tell stories about their experience in the storm. Remember that a hurricane is not necessarily a scary thing to go through, depending on the strength of the storm that is.

Being safe in the storm is the most important. Get prepared before it is to late to do so, make sure there is plenty of food and water to sustain you and/or the family and that's pretty much it. Once the first hurricane has come and gone and the experience is there, preparing for the second, third or fourth will be a breeze.

A Brighter Day Is Ahead


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