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Save Time And Write A Plan

Updated on June 14, 2014

Plan To Write


The Plan

Just as I was planning to do nothing much, I decided the best way to write this article was to plan it.

Now I have made a plan to write this article today, no saying I'll do it later. I have got two hours to write it and finish it.

It is so easy to put off doing anything, and much easier it seems is to "write that article later." Procrastination is not good for us and we need to have a commitment to what we need to do now,promising and hoping is no use to ourselves without a plan.

Now I know it is an old saying and you have probably heard your parents and even your grandparents say it: “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.”And many of my failures have been unplanned that I do know.

Success Or Failure

Our success or failure in everything we do depends on two distinct choices; long-term planning along with the willingness and determination to see the plan through.

It's all very well having good intentions, but it is our positive actions that make all the difference.

We cannot trust to luck all the time, sure we can stumble along and be happy with spontaneous happenings ,but for true success, it lies in the planning.

Failure can still become to us even with a plan, but that is not a disaster as long as you have the courage to believe in your plan.

Good Idea


A Plan To Write

"The beginning of a great day begins the night before", another classic quote and said by many successful people.

I wrote the plan for my article the night before I wrote it

  1. decide on your title it is the message you want to get across and the main point you want to make.
  2. Now plan the messages. I have divided it into four more points , decided my headings and doing some research on the main theme I want to ramble on about.
  3. I have written down a subtitle and a sentence or two on each of the topics.
  4. Now for the all important conclusion, hoping to leave the reader satisfied and that it has all been worth it.

Next thing to do is write it up and check it over and publish it. Easy really, well actually, no. Nothing ever goes to plan does it? Only a basic plan but a great starting point to kick off your article.

A little fine tuning and more practice and I think this planning lark might catch on.

Of course we cant always get it right first time. Crossing the ocean takes a back seat, whilst planning how to overcome the tide is the ultimate aim.

A Plan For Life

It is a great idea to have a plan and planning can help you in every thing you do.

As Abraham Lincoln said "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." A well known quote that teaches us the value of planning. It can save us time and thus create more time to do the more important things we need to do and the things we enjoy.

I think we all make plans subconsciously for the things we want to do from day to day.So what can make a difference , well writing it down makes it more clear and definitive.It is like a reminder.

Taking the time to detail the plan is an investment in the future and that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life.

Write It Down


Why Make A List

Listing and writing down your plan will help you organise and prioritise the things you need to do and what you really want to do.

Is a plan for everybody? Yes many of us enjoy spontaneity why should you do something you don't really want to do. I recall taking it as it comes , some days its a12 hour shift and hard graft, then some days it's nothing. .A deliberate plan might not always be necessary; it can emerge as we go along.

You don't have to have great plans. Just plan your life in your own way and you can get somewhere in your own time. A slow plan is better than no plan.

So making plans and having definite ideas may not suit everyone, but it may help in your profession or in everyday life. Definitely make a plan to give it a try, you have nothing to lose and you were going to try to do it any way.

What Do You Think

Do you think having a plan will improve your articles?

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