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Updated on June 9, 2012

Hubpages Review

I have contributed to Hubpages for year now and my aim was to create an income whilst enjoying what I  do.Today I am still enjoying what I do and the income(although small), is steadily rising.

Can you build an income writing on-line? Yes you can! As a beginner I had a lot to learn and it wasn't all easy , but Hubpages makes it easy for you  to start writing on-line. In fact I have found Hubpages to be the best way to start writing on-line


Any surfer of the internet knows only too well the spectrum of web content available. And for those who intend to be more productive, it may not take too long before the topic of earning online comes up; and for those who choose to venture, admittedly, the internet has its own share of low quality sites. However, based on positive reviews, there are legitimate opportunities that stand out. Although posting good content is already a reward in itself, it is nice to know that there are sites such asHubpages that encourage writers to add relevant quality content and in the process be compensated as well.

What is Hubpages?

HubPages is an online space for article writers (or hubbers) to share reviews, advice, opinions, useful tips, and insights with other fellow authors. Its increasing popularity buoyed by a plethora of reasons including free membership, online infrastructures for revenue opportunities (ads, promos, and affiliate programs), helpful author community, and publishing and revenue-enhancing tools. The more responsible members receive better site ranking through a scoring system that meritoriously evaluates each article for relevance.

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About Hubpages

Interlinking between site members also gain significant focus as the practice has proved beneficial. Hubpages. in this sense is an example of social media serving as a medium for progressive interactions. This innovative site’s biggest contribution to the web, if anything, is its structure that effectively leads to better quality of online content through its rewards system, while at the same time hinders spamming and content spinning. Plus, there are signs that they are willing to improve further.

According to websiteoutlook’s data, most of Hubpages. visits come from the United States (comprising 35.5% of site traffic), boosting the country’s reputation as a potential role model of how to come up with useful content. India follows next with (21.5%), and UK picks it up with 5.8%. ranks this site at a comparative high 178 overall because of its 6 million plus daily page views.

The race for higher page rankings has driven many site builders to participate in content generation to the point that sometimes quality is compromised. The quantity of related content for a particular topic or keyword may solicit more results but it does not always guarantee relevance. This is how sites such as Hubpages.raised the bar to a higher level. Using a posting system that requires peer review to some extent, it helps to filter some content for a change. This practice of self-regulation in any level may be perceived as ameliorating in the immediate and the long term. Slowly but surely, site owners are realizing the value of thoughtful content, and Hubpages.

Is Hubpages for You?

Investing time and effort in developing site content by collaborating with Hubpages can be a worthwhile venture. It is clear though that it takes a few months on the average to keep it humming in good rhythm. Based on the high ranking that gives the site (178 out of millions is an achievement in itself), it is quite evident that netizens can develop a learning curve that has a bias for good content as the best topics provide useful and credible articles. The site is also a good venue for developing originality, a rare quality worth achieving.

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