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How to Choose The Healthier Snacks For Children

Updated on July 6, 2014

School Age Children Healthy Snack Ideas

We all know the importance of healthy snacks and how important nutrition is for growing kids As a father and wellness coach, I’m always struggling to find that balance between nutrition for my family vs. not being too controlling, and allowing them to be kids and eat what they want.


In a perfect world your child will listen to you and build on what you have taught them and they will choose the healthy foods. We know this is not the case however. That is why it is so important to plan ahead for your child's overall diet. Remember to include foods from all the food groups.

Healthy Options

Grain Products: Provides fiber and vitamin B, and iron.

1. Crackers

2. Bran or whole wheat muffins

3. Dry unsweetened cereal

Milk Products: Great tasting and provides protein, calcium, and vitamin A & D

1. Chocolate Milk or Milk

2. Yogurt

3. Cheese

Meat & Alternatives: There are so many options in this category. They mostly supply protein, vitamin B, iron and zinc

1. Seeds

2. Sliced meats

3. Nuts and peanut butter. (Be careful. Although nutritious, many kids have allergies to nuts )


Vegetables and fruit: Great source of snacks and kids generally will eat them if they are cut up for them. These snacks provide vitamin A, C, folate, and a good source of fiber.

1. Fresh fruit

2. Green and red pepper strips

3. Carrot sticks

Remember to pick healthier foods for you to put in your cupboards. If they are filled with chips and other fast foods then kids and yourself will be more likely to choose those. That is why it is a good idea to try to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time whenever possible. Simply taking the time to prepare cauliflower by cutting it up and placing it out to eat with a healthy dip. That way you know your kids are more likely to snack on these foods and will help them receive their daily energy, vitamins, and nutrients they need. Lastly get them involved whenever possible and educate them as early as possible on healthier choices and better quality food options. The kids need it and as of now we are losing the battle with them and obesity

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