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Secrets to a healthy brain

Updated on March 28, 2011

We all live our lives one day to the next and often forget to remember the little things that add more meaning to our existence and hence make us more competent. It is important to be able to understand that a healthy memory comes from exercising it often. The brain and our mind stays sharp so long as we exercise it often and keep it well oiled.  Most of us feel that we will not really get forgetful until we are old. To every single person old is a word that inspires much dread and also makes people feel incompetent and threatened, however research and recent reports indicates that old age is not the only threat to memory and mental acuity. People can and are losing their abilities to remember and integrate information at a much younger age.

By a young age of 27, says researchers, the ability to reason, solve puzzles and speed in solving and responding to queries has decreased in many people. There is however no reason to panic, you can work on keeping your memory skills up to the mark with some simple steps:

Eat the right food:

You may wonder what food has to do with memory improvement or memory skills. It is eating right that helps you to also keep your heart healthy which in turn pumps blood to the brain. Have a healthy diet in place rich in nutrients and vitamins.

Exercise is just as important:

Don’t think that exercise is only meant for the muscles. The mind requires exercise to stay fit, alert and to help you think on your toes literally. The sooner you realize this and stay active, the better you will fare over time.

Visualize and organize:

An essential part of developing your memory skills involves being able to see things being executed, to have a vision and to be able to sort out content in the right way. This will make learning an easier process and allow you to remember properly. It is so much easier to recall something when there is a visual cue involved.

Play and relax:

All work and no play does make everyone dull. It is important to have enough time to rest, to revive your system and also to feel re-energized. This is a huge reason why despite pulling all nighters, you tend to blank out during an exam.


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