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Self-Love: Admiring Your Own Worth

Updated on July 9, 2020

Self-love means to appreciate our own worth and virtue. Self-love means to listen to our body and do whatever our body wants us to do. Self-love means putting our well-being and priority first than anything else in this universe. Self-love teaches us to hold our amour propre high and never bargain a thing to maintain that. Self-love is not about what we have or what we do not have, it is all about how we feel ourselves, respond to ourselves, and treat ourselves.

Loving and admiring ourselves reveals our flaws. It is a state of appreciation for oneself that consciously works to modify one's identity. If you think the red dress you wore at Jake's party was really good on you, it's Self-love. If you are proud of the six pack abs you got after months of striving at the gym and exercising is Self-love.If you think you have given the best presentation in your class and you are sure that you will be awarded, then my dear it is nothing but Self-love.

When we love ourselves we accept our weakness and search for ways to convert our weakness to our strength. We become tender-hearted and diplomatic towards others, our enemies too.

We accept bitchy comments and hatred. We do not criticize ourselves or venture to become perfectionists. Self-love teaches us practicing good habits. It trains our mind to remain calm and allows us to see the world with a positive attitude.

Every time we seek others' love and affection, that is where we make mistakes. We can not rely on others or external sources to love us or respect us constantly. To find the inner peace one has to practice self-love each and every time. The way we treat ourselves, we treat others. If we do not love ourselves how can we love others and expect love in return.

10 ways you can accomplish Self-love

  1. Mindfulness: First step to practice self-love is to practice mindfulness. Souls with maximum self-love are most likely to be aware of their thoughts, actions and feelings and have a firm grip on them. Being mindful you can keep a weather eye on the types of thoughts locomoting in your brain.

  2. Meditate: Meditation drives peace. Devoting 5 mins everyday towards meditation can enhance better mood and brain function. It also decreases anxiety and depression and gives your grey matter a clear canvas to see the positive aspects of life.

  3. Step outside of your comfort zone: Discovering yourself is the biggest achievement you can receive by self-love. Things you were afraid of doing someday will become your forte. So stop being a couch potato and uncover the hidden powers within you.

  4. Gratitude: Being a human, we have both good days and bad days. Remembering unpleasant days is never going to help you in any way. Rather be grateful to things that God or Universe has given you. Find something, maybe one thing to be grateful for everyday. This way you can attract more positive energy towards you rather than wasting time regretting anything.

  5. Journal: Writing down your thoughts enables you to be more organized and makes your mind sharp. Journaling also prompts creative thinking, so you will be less stressed everyday and your mind will also allow you to be innovative.

  6. Boot out fatal humans: Anyone who disrespects you or body shames you or harms you by doing any sort of activity by which you feel embarrassed or piteous just get rid of those souls. No way they will help you in any situation rather criticize you and make you down.

  7. Encircle yourself with souls which adore you: These are the people who will inspire you and make your self-love journey more easy. You feel grateful to have them because they are grateful for what they have and that makes them successful. They will always make sure that you are fine and healthy and pray for your well-being and prosperity no matter in which corner of the world they are present.

  8. Exercise: If you want that sexy small waist or six pack abs you have to move your body and do different types of exercises. Being healthy and fit is also a great accomplishment in the journey of self-love. Healthy and toned body makes you feel more confident and look smarter. And again a great cause for loving yourself.

  9. Respect others: The way you treat others reflects how you treat yourself. Your mind should always be prepared to accept everything and anything unless your self-esteem is questioned. Everytime you treat others with love and respect, a positive energy strikes you which makes you feel good. That does not mean you will expect that feather-like behaviour in return.

  10. Forgive yourself: By forgiving yourself you understand the essence of forgiveness. Humans make mistakes and it's natural. It's high time to let go of your past rather than regretting it. Forgiveness shows your strong mentality and strength to take responsibility.

Jaundiced image of Self-love

People often think that the person who loves himself is egoistic or consider them as arrogant. They are the ones who have never loved themselves and hence, do not speak the language of self-love. They think that the person is actually comparing himself with others to see how good he is. According to them, it is mandatory to love others and put others and their needs first.

These people never listen to anybody rather they put their decisions on others and force them to follow those rules blindly. They do not respect anybody's feelings or words. They consider self-love as an overrated word. This is because nobody talks about self-love. It is high time to make people aware about self-love.


Self-love is an art. It teaches us our worth. It teaches us, as a human being, how we should see every human being including us. Nobody has the right to control our life. We have to take care of our life, how we behave with others reveals how much we love ourselves. If one follows any one of the steps discussed above religiously he will be able to understand the importance of self-love. Before you spread the merits of self-love you should first try any of these steps, so that you can make others understand it better.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Arpita Das


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