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Should I buy a treadmill or elliptical for my home: Benefits of buying indoor exercise equipment

Updated on May 29, 2013

Should I buy a treadmill or elliptical trainer for my home? Is it cheaper to get a gym membership? What are the benefits of buying fitness equipment at home as compared to going to the gym? This post puts aside useless jargon about counting calories and muscle groups and instead, focuses on the practical advantages of buying a treadmill or elliptical to exercise indoors and lose weight in the privacy of your own house.

You may have to wear fashionable workout gear when you go to the gym, but you can work out at home in the clothes that you feel most comfortable wearing.
You may have to wear fashionable workout gear when you go to the gym, but you can work out at home in the clothes that you feel most comfortable wearing. | Source

1) No need to get ready: Wear whatever you want while exercising

Fashion should ideally be the last thing on your mind when you talk about fitness but it is impossible to go to the gym without being concerned about your looks. When everyone around you is wearing fashionable workout gear, you don't want to be the odd one out by wearing worn out clothes.

You will never have to worry about your clothes if you buy a treadmill or elliptical for your house. Apart from considering the presence of other household members, workout clothes can be as simple as underwear for men, and a sports bra and bottoms for women. Socks and sports shoes will be the only remaining items of necessities.

2) Multitasking: Use treadmill or elliptical while doing other things

The biggest advantage of buying a treadmill or elliptical for your house is that you can exercise while doing other things. You can watch your favorite show on TV, browse the internet or check your email while using your own fitness equipment. The rest of your life does not have to come to a stop as you try to stay fit.

3) Having a treadmill or elliptical at home is fitness for the whole family

Owning fitness equipment for your own home will have a large impact on the health levels of your entire family. Place the treadmill or elliptical in a spot which is frequented by all members of the household.

Encourage everyone to hop on just for few minutes every day. Continue motivating everyone so that these few minutes become a regular habit. Even five to ten minutes of a quick jog on the treadmill can make a world of a difference in someone's health and fitness levels.

4) Not having to worry about people looking at you

Some people don't like to go to the gym because they don't like the idea of exercising in front of hundreds of other people. This consciousness could be a result of various things including body image issues or even social anxiety.

Having a treadmill or elliptical completely solves the problem for people who have such issues. They never have to worry about piercing stares or judgmental glances.

5) Cost comparison: Buying fitness equipment can be cheaper than going to the gym

The cost of buying a treadmill or elliptical trainer can vary depending on the company, brand, functionality, features and warranty.

Cheaper self-powered treadmills can be bought online for less than $150. Automated and feature packed programmable treadmills can cost anywhere between $500 and $750. Full-scale professional treadmill models with luxurious features can cost in upwards of $1,000.

The cost of buying an elliptical trainer also depends on size, usability, features and levels of electronic assistance. Basic models offering pulse monitors, display systems, iPod connectivity and custom workout programs can be bought for less than $650. Professional models with extravagant features and creature comforts can cost in upwards of $1,500.

Assuming that the purchase price of a quality feature packed treadmill or elliptical trainer is between $500 and $700, it can potentially be as much as a yearly gym membership. However it becomes cheaper in the long run when you consider other expenses like gas for driving to the gym and nice workout gear.

This is a striking benefit of owning your own fitness equipment. It is a practical approach for people who are comparing the ownership cost of fitness equipment with the total cost of driving to a fitness center and back.

6) Exercise irrespective of weather: Jog, run and workout even when weather is too hot, too cold or rainy

Bad weather will often dictate your routine of going to the gym or going for a jog in the park. If it is too hot or if it is raining outdoors, a jog in the park may seem like a bad idea. Chilly weather can make you feel glum and make you want to stay indoors.

All these weather related hindrances go for a toss when you have fitness equipment at home. You can comfortably exercise in controlled temperature without having to worry about heat, cold or rain.

There are many potential time wasters when you exercise at the gym including driving time or waiting for certain machines to get free.
There are many potential time wasters when you exercise at the gym including driving time or waiting for certain machines to get free.

7) Save time as compared to going to the gym

You can take a quick jog on the treadmill in the morning and instantly take a shower to get ready for work. The time taken to exercise will only be the number of minutes you actually spend on the treadmill or on the elliptical trainer.

In comparison, an average trip to the gym can take at least an hour or more depending on the time you take to get ready, organize your gear and the distance you drive. You may also have to wait if all the treadmills or elliptical trainers are occupied.

8) Exercise at any time: Odd working hours will never be an excuse

Gyms are usually open for morning to late evening to accommodate early morning exercisers, people who prefer mid-day workouts and working professionals who find the time to exercise only after office hours. Despite considering all this it may be extremely impractical for many people to drive to the gym at odd hours. Jogging in the park would completely be out of question after dark.

All these concerns about timing and exercising at odd hours will never be a bother if you buy fitness equipment for your home. You can exercise at virtually any time as long as you don't put the treadmill or elliptical in someone else's room.

9) Having a treadmill or elliptical at home will motivate you to exercise

It is very easy for people who are fit, to blame laziness for someone's weight problems. They don't realize that the lack of motivation to get up and exercise can be a lifelong habit which is extremely hard to overcome. This is the reason why many people purchase gym memberships but never make use of it.

An elliptical trainer or treadmill in your home will become a constant reminder for you to exercise. The sight of fitness equipment will continuously motivate you to jog or workout even if it is for a few short bursts. This motivation to exercise comes at a price but if it means that you will reduce risks of succumbing to lifelong health problems, any price is worth paying.

10) Buying indoor fitness equipment is a good choice for busy professionals

Bulging tummies and hips that don't fit in trousers are a common problem for professionals who keep piling the pounds due to lack of physical activity in their desk jobs. Asking a busy professional who leaves home at seven in the morning and comes back at seven in the evening, to take a shower and drive to the gym might be asking too much.

These busy professionals may be very aware of their weight gain. They may also be consciously reminding themselves to get started on a fitness routine. But all their worries and concern about depleting health levels may be reaching a dead end because of long working hours.

In this scenario, home based fitness equipment can mean the difference between being fit and being plagued with weight problems. Saving money to buy fitness equipment should be on the top of the priority list for busy professionals who are desperately looking to lose weight or stay fit.

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