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Signs and Symptoms of Depression: Are You Depressed or Just Blue?

Updated on September 17, 2020

It Ain't Levi Blues

Can you be depressed, and not know it? Yep! I was depressed for years, and did not have a clue that I was depressed. I know you are thinking how can you be depressed, and not know? Well you can, and I was. One of my friends some years back who is a public speaker on depression. He is a survivor of a suicide attempt, and works diligently to help individuals who suffer with depression. One day he asked me are you depressed? I laughed in his face, and said depressed? What do I have to be depressed about? I took a very defensive position with him. He said to me, I thought maybe you would like to talk about something that might be bothering you. I said "no" and shook it off. It was not until sometime much later when I really started having trouble sleeping that I began to admit to myself something was wrong. I started going to the health food store to get help for my sleepless nights. The supplements the herbalist recommended worked very well for a long, long time. After a few years, my sleepless nights had returned only this time my natural remedies to get a good night sleep did not work. I ended up in the emergency room I explained my symptoms to the physicians, he prescribed Ativan. He recommended I follow up with my regular health care physician regarding my anxiety, and depression.

Signs of Depression

Although many people suffer from periodical moodiness and sadness, depressives are people who cannot get over their sadness and moodiness. Depression takes over a person’s life making it impossible for the person to enjoy the simple joys in life and even function. Depression not only takes over your moods but also your productivity. People suffering from depression become difficult to live with or to work with. This is because their moods cannot be predicted. Whereas at one time they may seem extremely joyful, in a few minutes they can become extremely ‘”dark “or sad. Depressives do not have a middle point so to say; their moods are always at an extreme.

The signs of depression vary from one person to another, but there are some general symptoms that can help one identify depression. The first and most significant of the depression symptoms is despair. If a person is feeling like they are in a continuous state of hopelessness and despair, such that activities and things that used to bring joy now have no effect the negativeness. Another one of the signs of depression is insomnia; depressives have a problem sleeping because of their high emotional state.

signs of Depression
signs of Depression

Whereas many people assume that all signs of depression must be psychological, it is important to note that depression can also manifest itself through physical symptoms. Consistent headaches and stomach aches that cannot be treated and do not have a physiological symptom are probably a call of attention by an individual suffering from depression. This symptom is especially used to gauge depression and emotional instability in children. It is important to note that before concluding that certain physiological pains such as back pains, headaches, and stomach aches are a symptom of depression, one should ensure that there is no other medical or emotional condition that may be the cause of the physiological issues.

People suffering from depression suffer such emotional downturns that they are susceptible to suicide. People who have attempted suicide even once are candidate of depression. If someone is talking continuously about killing themselves, or is concentrating with death too much then it may be wise to have them visit a psychologist to be tested for depression. Acting recklessly and constantly becoming occupied with death is a significant symptom of depression.

Further, depression is highlighted by extreme irritability. If you are suffering from depression, you probably are extremely irritable. Small situations that are quite tolerable become explosive and highly emotional. Because of the inability to sleep and rest, the depressive mind becomes exhausted. This coupled with appetite changes mostly the lack of appetite makes the individual very inactive. As far as signs of depression go, one cannot forget self loathing. Depressives a low self esteem and rarely feel like they are worth anything. If you know someone suffering from depression or if you yourself are suffering from the disease, then you will note that it is hard to receive compliments. Depression makes it easy for people to take apart their achievements and themselves in the process. This is perhaps the most difficult of the depression symptoms for the family and friends to deal with.

I understand individuals who cope with depression without anti-depressants. For the sake of my life the medicine saved my life. My family could not handle the depression I constantly dealt with, and the suicidal veribage that constantly flowed out from my lips. Every case is different, and not all remedies work the same in everyone. I would have never thought in a million years that I would be one who took medication for depression. I was a firm believer in not taking medication, and use to tell others to use other forms of theraphy. Until I came face to face with the monster of depression it was a story of a different color.

Depression And Its Signs

Another important of the signs of depression, is the complete lack of interest in daily life. Depression takes away interest in day to day activities of an individual. For example work, individuals suffering from depression are likely to resign or completely ignore their work. In addition, the individual finds it hard to become motivated even in simple tasks such as showering and dressing for work. It is likely that such a person becomes a burden to workmates and family members who have to work extra hard to keep them functional. An individual who paid constant attention to how they look, and the state of their home suddenly lets go and doesn’t seem to care. They may leave the house unattended and completely refuse to get out of bed.

For different age groups depression symptoms may take a different face. For example in teenagers rather than sadness, it is most likely that depressed teenagers become completely irritable and moody. For the older generation, it is important to keep track of physical aches which may be brought on by emotional problems such as depression. Whereas with age there comes different problems, it is easy to note problems that do not go away and have no explanation. These are probably a sign of depression.

If an individual has recently suffered a major loss such as death or loss of employment and is sowing one or more of the above symptoms, then they are likely suffering from depression symptoms. In addition if a person is going through some major developmental changes such as adolescence, menopause or midlife; they are more likely to show signs of depression while adjusting to the new stage of development.


To many people depression is a psychological problem, but it is important to note that depression is brought on by poor emotional adjustments. Whether it developmental changes to the loss of a loved, poor emotional sustenance is likely to lead to depression. The support system of the individual while dealing with the major huddle is likely to avert or bring on the depression. Developing proper adjustment and emotional skills can ensure that you gain the tools to deal with depression properly and avert the consequences of poor emotional adjustments.

The above symptoms are likely to be considered as normal emotional problems, however when they become extreme to the point where the individual cannot function in any way and has a difficulty living a normal life, then the symptoms translate to depression. With the above symptoms you can be able to evaluate yourself to see whether you are suffering from emotional adjustment issues or the much more serious case of depression.

With the current advances in the world of psychology and emotional development, it should be noted that treating depression has become much easier. Whether it is through administration of drugs pr cognitive and behavioral techniques, even the most difficult conditions become easily manageable. The first step of course is to recognize the signs and seek help from family, friends and professionals.

The Face of Depression

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Fierce Manson


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