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Silent Meditation Retreat

Updated on April 19, 2011

Need a Silent Meditation Retreat?

It’s a noisy world we live in. Right from the moment we get up from bed till the time we go back to sleep, we go through all the clamors and hustle of everyday life. If you enjoy your workplaces, you are blessed. But workplaces can be the toughest fight of your day as you need to constantly bear the nonstop chattering all day long. In the midst of all this, how can one listen to one’s own inner voice? We shall discuss in this article.

One of the best techniques to regain your meditation mood is to secede yourself from all the noises around you. Meditation music can be very helpful to provide you this initial stage of untying yourself from the worldly noises and frustrations. If you do use the help of music or other methods such as dancing, allowing sounds, consciously releasing emotions and so on, make sure to allow some period just to be in silence after that. This is a period to let go of everything, just to be with yourself, with your present situation, and without any outer influences. Due to life factors, achieving this may seem very difficult but in order to gain something you must take a vow. Even a minimum vow of 3-5 Hours of silence once a week or a month can bring back the peace and calmness in your life.

Silent Meditation Technique


Main objective of Silent Meditation

The main objective of silent sitting meditation is to allow your thoughts and feelings arising during the meditation process to pass through. You don’t need to struggle with your thoughts. Just stay calm and feel the flow of breath going in and out your body. When you feel yourself getting swayed with the rhythm of the meditation, you are actually enjoying the present moment. You are not repenting for the past, nor are you worried about the future; you are living the present and you will find that the present is enormously pleasing for you.


Getting into Meditation

During the Silent meditation you commit to not to speak or be spoken to unless it is a case of grave importance. To meditate, choose a place where it allows you sufficient time to do the meditation such as a clean & quiet park, a river bank, or perhaps your favorite room at your own home. Take care of all your business before sitting for meditation and make sure there are no more calls awaited. You may also unplug electrical appliance connections like TV etc and switch off your mobile phone and computer before preparing yourself for meditation.

The Meditative State

The above hints are a help for you to establish a meditation practice. The actual meditative state though is a happening, which you are not guaranteed to achieve by just following techniques. It will happen to you in moments when you may least expect it and depends on your inner longing, honesty and urgency. So above all be patient with yourself, be ready to face your running as opposed to still mind at times, be ready to consciously experience your emotions, and of course enjoy the silence whenever it happens in you. Everything that was already engaging your energy in subtle ways becomes more visible when you take the time to just be with yourself. If you continue to just witness whatever takes place in you without judging yourself as good or bad, you will be greatly rewarded by what you will discover.

Where to Meditate

The Lifesurfing Program at Inner Metamorphosis University, Chicago provides Silent Meditation Retreats. The meditation can be practiced by anyone irrespective of culture or religious background without coming into conflict with it.

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