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Simple Pollen Allergy Relievers: Adding these Foods to any Diet May Clear Up Symptoms of Hay Fever

Updated on March 11, 2015

What I’ve Found Simplest

Wheat free diets, dairy free diets, raw foods, juicing, and sugar free diets may all help relieve allergy symptoms, but here are the foods I've found most helpful. Simple and straight forward, I stock up on beans, dark leafy greens, fresh fruit, local honey, and a modest supply of coffee to get me though the pollen infested breezes of spring.

It's the Pollen that is Blowing in the Wind

Flowers Flinging forth their Pollen
Flowers Flinging forth their Pollen | Source

The Blooming Sneezing

I love wildflowers and watching for the beautiful blooms on the trees around town in spring. Yet I cringe as I admire them knowing the pollen they are flinging generously into the lovely spring air as if shaking sneezing powder over my head.

Run for the Fiber!

Beans, Beans: Fiber to Fight the Fling of the Flowers

But if I do nothing else, I make a pot of fresh beans. Could be black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans or kidney beans. They seem to give me nutrients with protein that energize me for a long time instead of making me feel sleepy after a meal. A little beef, chicken, and especially fish is good, but those beans are the best. Beans with pasta, and sometimes some fancy cheese and bread makes a satisfying dinner. Add some deep leafy greens in a salad or sautéed in olive oil and fresh garlic for the perfect meal to clear out those pollens. This gives me a fresh start the next morning.

I’ve taken both over-the-counter and prescribed allergy medications and they can be effective.

But what really helps me through pollen allergy season is a doable schedule with time for at least eight hours, sometimes more, of sleep and beans! Gotta love those beans.

Two Tablespoons of Wildflower Honey a Day

Wildflower Honey
Wildflower Honey | Source

Local Wildflower Honey

After getting going with the beans, I’m clear headed enough to run out for local honey. Fresh honey from bees feeding on flowers of the area you live can help relieve pollen allergies. Sometimes I savor a couple spoonfuls of plain honey, sometimes I put it in my tea, on my oatmeal, or on my toast. Any way to get in about 2 Tablespoons each day.

I also find that having the honey first thing in the morning is more effective than a little at different times throughout the day or even waiting until lunch.

Heating honey may decrease its effectiveness. But I have to confess that putting it in my morning coffee is the easiest and most tasty way to have my honey everyday. I figure it is better than nothing, and that philosophy seems to be true for me.

Putting equal amounts of honey and fresh lemon juice diluted with water makes a refreshing lemonade that not only fights allergies, but is a boost of vitamin C too.

The Allergy Sufferer's Ally: A Bee Collecting Nectar

Getting the honey of bees feasting on the nectar from wildflowers you are allergic to may bring some relief
Getting the honey of bees feasting on the nectar from wildflowers you are allergic to may bring some relief | Source

Fresh fruit

In addition to getting vitamin C with fresh lemon juice, fresh fruit will add and fiber too. The combination of fiber and vitamins, nourishes the body to keep us healthy since the irritation of allergies may make us more susceptible to colds. The fiber aids to cleanse the body of pollen.

Fresh Fruit Helps Keep the Immune System Strong

Apples, Tangerines, and Bananas are only a few of the Fruits that can Keep us Healthy Through Allergy Season
Apples, Tangerines, and Bananas are only a few of the Fruits that can Keep us Healthy Through Allergy Season | Source

Fresh Spinach

Discover the Power of Spinach: Have a Leaf or Two Instead of a Cookie
Discover the Power of Spinach: Have a Leaf or Two Instead of a Cookie | Source

Deep leafy greens

Those dark leafy greens help get out the toxins. Romaine lettuce salads are delicious with Cesar dressing or red leaf lettuce with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Swiss chard sautéed on low heat in olive oil and fresh garlic chopped up is oh so delicious and so is broccoli lightly steamed. Have you ever tried beet greens? The tops of beets are great sautéed in a little water and butter.

These simple healthy allergy relievers are what I like. They make me feel good and crave healthy food and a healthy life style.

Have you had beet greens?

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A Little Coffee for Good Measure


Coffee for Added Perk

Adding more fresh fruit and deep leafy greens into your diet will give you energy and alertness, and to that I like to add a cup of two of coffee. It's up to you. You might not need it with everything else.


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