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Simply Simplified

Updated on August 8, 2009

Healthy Life

Now a days we hear a lot about healthy lifestyle. Well, everything related to healthy lifestyle begins with healthy food. Simple things can make healthy changes to your lifestyle.

Simplified life is the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle. We should recognise the fact that 'we are eating to live' and 'not living to eat'. Now its time to change.

We are very particular about our breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. But do we bother about having a glass of water atleast once in a hour? Adding an extra glass of water can make a refreshing impact on our body that too without making any extra effort from our side.

The next thing is to time our diet properly. Neither leave it too late nor have it too early. Also reduce the quantity of rice and meat in our meal and add some fish and vegetable salad to compensate it. Then have a slice of fruit to make us feel lighter. Most of us love to have oily food in form of fried meat or fish everyday, which really is a silent killer. Here we can do onething, avoid oil, just grill it in the microwave and have it. Its tasty and healthy. This will really help. And again, this also comes without much compromise in our meal or lifestyle.

We are always lazy to do exercises, even if we have treadmill or other equipments at home. We can forget it. We can do something different. Lets play with our kids for a while. Lets play with our pet in the lawn. Lets give him a bath. This will help us in two ways. It burns down our calories as well as gives us pleasure and refreshes the mind. Its just not a physical exercise, it improves physical and mental health. It relieves us from tensions related to profession and mental stress.

So, in short, simple things can make a healthy change to us. So live a simple life.... a simply simplified one.




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    • profile image

      ibnumajeed 8 years ago

      very good openion and sugections

    • profile image

      imartinez05 8 years ago

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    • profile image

      dean 8 years ago

      good n simple...thanks