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Sitter Assistance For Elderly and Disabled

Updated on September 4, 2014

Paying for Sitters

Many elderly and disabled people are in need of assistance that they just cannot afford to pay for. When they know of nowhere else to turn many people who have lived independent lives find themselves in a nursing home. This is a growing problem in society. Our elderly and disabled people are forced to wipe out their lifelong savings to pay for the sitters they need to assist them when they are unable to do for themselves.


The cost of having a person assist an elderly or disabled person can cost anywhere from $10 per hour to upwards of $17.00 per hour. As you can see at even $10 an hour for a 10 hour day can cost as much as $3100 per month. In little more than 9 months at this rate, a savings of $30,000 is gone. The elderly or disabled person is then left with a need for a sitter and no way to pay for it.

Government Programs

So, what is the solution? Many are not aware that there are programs set in place by the government to help those in need. A person who is need of these services and can qualify will need to apply for the assistance. The person will need to meet some basic income requirements and be eligible for certain government programs to qualify. Check and see if any of the following are available in your area. In Louisiana, the following programs are available.

Medicaid Waivers

Those who qualify for Medicaid will be eligible for many of the Waiver programs. The Elderly and Disabled Waiver (EDA Waiver) helps those in need for usually about four hours a day. This application and information is available at the local Medicaid Office. Also available is a Long Term Care Waiver Program, this is similar to the EDA Waiver and provides approximately the same amount of hours for sitter assistance.


PACE (Program for the All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Program is available for Medicare, Medicaid and VA recipients. Information can be obtained at any of these offices. If the person in need of assistance is a Veteran or the spouse of a Veteran there are other programs available for aid and attendance care through your local Veteran’s Affairs Office.

Council on Aging

Another resource for the needs of the elderly is the local chapter of Council on Aging. They can provide some services such as Meals on Wheels and in some cases help with paying the power bill. Most also have a Council on Aging Senior Center which can be useful in being around others of their own age as well as doing activities. Council on Aging has independent programs that may assist with small amounts of sitting or house cleaning, but each COA is different so check with the local one in town to see what is available to use.

Research for Resources

There are resources out there for elderly and disabled people, but sometimes it is just doing the research to see what they can qualify for. The money that can be saved is definitely worth the effort to be informed of the programs that are available.

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