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I Sleep Less & Have More Energy

Updated on March 19, 2013


After I started meditating I began sleeping less. I did not have trouble sleeping but I required less sleep so I started waking up early. If I wake up when my alarm clock goes off I would get 7 hours of sleep but I almost always wake up 15 minutes before it goes off. I sleep around an hour less than I did before I started meditating. To meditate you relax your body and mind. You can guide yourself or follow the instructions of a guide. There are meditation programs that make meditation much easier. You can find them online.

I had tried meditating a few times before but I was not able to become deeply relaxed. With help from a good meditation program I can be successful at mediating every time as long as I do not fall asleep. At first when I tried meditating I fell asleep some of the time. To help keep me awake I sat in a chair and made sure I did not lean against anything. After meditating a few times I had more energy so it was easier to stay awake. If you fall asleep you are no longer meditating so it is important to stay relaxed but mentally alert.

When I want to go to sleep I often use the relaxation techniques I learned doing mediation. The techniques allow me to become very relaxed. After I relax my body and mind it is easy to fall asleep.

woman meditating
woman meditating | Source


The increased energy is more than a result of taking less time to fall asleep. Taking a nap or sleeping longer will not give you the same benefits. I think I require less sleep and have more energy because the quality of my sleep has improved and I am less stressed throughout the day.

If I stop meditating I often feel tired in the afternoon. When I start to get tired I usually drink something with caffeine to keep me alert. As soon as I start meditating again my energy increases so I do not need any caffeine. The energy I get from meditation is subtle. I do not feel much of a difference right after I am done.

Healing exercises like tai chi and qigong also give me more energy. When I am done practicing tai chi or qigong I feel relaxed and energized. They use slow movements and breathing techniques. The increased energy is immediate and more noticeable than with meditation, cardio or weightlifting exercises.

Exercises like running, biking or jumping rope can increase your endurance and energy. However when I get back from a long bike ride I do not feel like doing much of anything because I feel drained. I can build up my endurance and energy by biking long distance but it takes time for me to recover.

Cardio and weight lifting helps to increase my energy and endurance so I can do things like bike for 2 hours but it does not help me fight fatigue as much as practicing meditation, tai chi or qigong.

To get things done you need both time and energy. Having energy is important. You can not think clearly or take action when you feel tired. You can reduce fatigue by meditating and exercising regularly. The extra energy you receive more than makes up for the time it takes. If you want more energy I would recommend adding meditation and a healing exercise like tai chi, qigong or yoga to your routine.


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    • overcrok profile image

      overcrok 5 years ago

      I practice tajiquan, and have my intimate qigong hour in the evening, catchy title, nice hub!

    • denise mohan profile image

      denise mohan 6 years ago from California

      very motivating to learn meditation. It seems I can never surrender like I would like to.