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Fat Loss: How I Lose Weight Quickly

Updated on March 19, 2013

My hobby

Every summer I like to go for bike rides to a provincial park. After I get to the park I bike around the park and do some hiking. I also take a lot of pictures of animals and scenery. When I am done exploring the park I go to the beach and rest for a while before heading home. It is relaxing and I enjoy doing it. Since it is long distance I need to be in good shape. In the spring I begin getting ready. I start by using an exercise bike while I am watching TV. At first I only use it two times a week.

As my body adjusts I increase it to four times a week. My goal is not to make the exercise easier but to improve my performance each week. After a few weeks I start keeping a log of my time and distance. Each week I try to improve. Most of the time there is a noticeable improvement from the week before. Usually I improve most after two days off because my muscles need time to recover.

When it is nice enough I start biking to the park once a week and stop using the exercise bike. I still try to bike faster and farther every week. Last year I biked to a provincial park that was over 50 km or 31 miles away near the end of summer.

Sandbanks Beach in Sandbanks Provincial Park
Sandbanks Beach in Sandbanks Provincial Park | Source
North Beach Provincial Park
North Beach Provincial Park | Source
Beach at Presquile Provincial Park
Beach at Presquile Provincial Park | Source
Lighthouse in Wellington near the public beach
Lighthouse in Wellington near the public beach | Source

Getting rid of fat

Biking is a good way to burn calories. You can burn more calories per hour doing it than a lot of other activities and with practice you can do it for long periods of time. With one trip to the beach I can burn over 1416 calories. If I bike the same distance at the same speed my body would adapt and burn less calories. I bike faster and farther so I burn more calories not less.

It is also a good way to develop more muscle. My leg muscles do not become huge but they do become hard. Muscle growth burns some calories and the increased muscle weight causes me to burn more calories throughout the day. For example if two people do an activity like walking or running the person that weighs the most will burn more calories.

Stress causes your body to store more fat especially around the belly. Since I find biking, taking nature photos and going to the beach relaxing it reduces my stress. I measure my fat loss by how well my clothes fit and how much fat I can grab from my stomach area. Weighing myself does not tell me how much my fat weighs. The most important factor is that biking to the beach does not require a lot of will power. I like biking to the beach so I am going to continue to do it.

If I want to increase my fat loss I avoid junk foods and drinks. Between meals I drink water instead of drinks with calories. The changes are minor but they work and I don't experience rapid weight gain if I stop the diet. It can be hard to give up caffeine. If I meditate I have more energy the next day so I do not need caffeine to stay alert.

Quickly does not mean immediately

Most people that exercise to lose weight give up too soon. Some people wonder why they have not lost weight after 2 or 3 days. The most weight I lost in a week was 5 pounds doing intense cardio every day and avoiding junk food. If I was not in good shape I would not have been able to do that much intense cardio.

Other people have tried losing weight by significantly reducing the amount of food they eat. This causes your body to store fat at every opportunity because it is trying to prevent you from starving. When your body has extra fat it can use the fat when you are not eating enough. To get rid of fat and keep it off burn more calories by exercising more and eating healthy.

If you exercise regularly and avoid junk food you should be able to lose 2 to 3 pounds of fat per week but you may gain some muscle weight. The fat will come from your whole body so you might not notice a difference for a while. My method works every time because I focus on improving my health and exercise performance while doing something I enjoy. While biking works well I could also lose weight doing another activity I enjoy. Some good activities are canoeing, running, jumping rope, boxing, and playing tennis.


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    • profile image

      Ahmed 3 years ago

      Generally 2000 calories for an avitce individual, 1200-1500 for an inactive individual. Depending on the lifestyle, there is a range of dieting and fitness tips. 6 meals a day big breakfast, small healthy snack, small lunch, small snack, small snack, proportioned dinner. Eat dinner around 5 or 6 followed by the shower, then a light exercise, then bed. I could go on and on.

    • geetika iyer profile image

      geetika iyer 5 years ago from India

      great hub! I also agree that loosing fat/weight should not be expected immediately. If the focus is to improve overall healtht the result will definetly come through!More than anything, your advice throught this hub has reconfirmed my belief and given me more comfidence.Thanks