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Smoking YOU Can Quit!

Updated on October 7, 2007

This movie is actually quite good, and shows the backside of lobbyism. People are caught up in this industry

Although I realize one cannot PROVE this beyond any shadow of a doubt, indications are that it isn't healthy. Why not save the money and get a better breath? :-

Quitting IS Much Easier Than Most People Claim

I know. I did it. I smoked my last cigarette on August 1st 2006, and did smoke a pipe of tobacco on August 28th, but it was so awful that I did get that final kick to ensure I would never touch this ever again.

[Update: October 7th 2007: I have now been smoke-free for over a year without ANY failings. :-)

Does That Mean YOU Should Quit?

Not necessarily. You can do what you want, but you should be aware of the dangers so you can make your own adult decision in this area. People who know me, know I would never set any forbidden signs everywhere, although I DO explain my decision to those who ask.

I know my method is effective. It is not based upon hype, but simply based upon facts.

Ex-Smokers Are A Pain In The Backside!

True! Many of them are. Do you know why? I believe many of them are afraid they would, at some point, begin again. They are so afraid that they need everyone to back them up. They are cowards - afraid of standing out.

Cowards never admit this, because nobody likes to admit they depend upon crutches.

It has been said that bad habbits need to be replaced by good ones. True, to an extent. Nevertheless, part of the trick is to suffer silently for the first few days... Once you are over the hurdle, you will be free.

One Thing Many People Don't Tell You About Quitting...

At the danish site for information on quitting the habit of smoking, they say that it's day 4 where you might experience either indigestion or diarrhea. I had this on days 5 and 8 - and didn't know why it happened. We were on our way back to Denmark from France by car...

Let me just suffice to say: I would have preferred my own camping equipment. Toilets at highways between France and Germany are absolutely a menace to good health. Very sad to see as we are accustomed to things being a bit cleaner here in Denmark. Although we do also have exceptions to that rule, sadly.

Cleaning Out The Body

It is part of the cleaning out process. You shouldn't be alarmed by this - just be prepared. Also saving you the obvious annoyances of having to deviate from plans in that period.

An Effective Way To Do It

If you have good - non-smoking - friends, you might get help from them in achieving this. But otherwise a very effective step [given the good weather is on its way :-)] would be to borrow a summerhouse. Most people don't use them at this time of the year, and you might just as well do the spring cleaning for them while you borrow this summerhouse.

When the urge comes over you, don't give in. Regardless of how tempting it might be, don't. Quit cold turkey. All the gum, skin plasters etc will only extend the pain of quitting. You can't create new habits when you want to do it the painless way.

Some will subscribe to the Kaizen way of doing things. That's okay with me. I have just felt it was easier first to cut down. Within a week I went from a pack a day to a pack lasting two days. Quitting 10 to 0 is easier than quitting 40 to 0.

Any Way You Cut The Cake

We are all different. You might have a very different anatomy, and other tricks will work better for you. Regardless of how you do it, I wish you all the best of luck. I have been where you might be today. I won't promise it's an easy job to complete. But when you're done, you'll be glad you began.

Good luck. :-)


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