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Spices That Can Reduce Triglyceride

Updated on October 4, 2011

Spices are not only useful to make food more delicious, but it also nutritious and can erase bad fats in the body.

According to recent research published inThe Journal of Nutrition,adding some spices to the food can help to reduce the adverse effects of fatty foods, especially in lowering triglycerides.

"Antioxidants in the spices reduce oxidative stress and play an important role in reducing the risk of chronic disease. Normally, when you eat high-fat foods, there will be an increase of triglycerides in the blood. High triglycerides level can increase the risk of heart disease," says Sheila West, PhD, associate professor from Penn State University.

In her research, West along with her team monitor the benefit of the spices on the metabolism of the body after eating.Six healthy men aged 30-65 involved in this study.Researchers want to make sure the increasing number of spices in food can provide a protective effect against body fat.

"We use rosemary, oregano, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, clove, garlic powder and paprika. We choose these spices due to their antioxidant potential, as previously tested in the lab," says Ann Skulas-Ray, one of the researchers.

It is estimated, the spices contribution to the body's antioxidant is approximately equivalent to a glass of red wine or about 43 grams of dark chocolate.

In research, the respondent is given a variety of food menu has been measured values ​​of fat and calories.In the first week, the menu provided has no added spices.Then, in the next group, a menu with the calorie and fat content of the same spices that added anti-oxidants.

To measure the effects of spices, researchers took blood samples of respondents, respectively 30 minutes before and 3.5 hours after eating.Blood test results showed that there was a decrease in insulin and triglycerides after abstaining from food mixed with spices.Both of the values ​​is lower than the blood test results after eating non-spiced foods.

Significant effect is also already noted, there is 31 percent of decline in the case of triglycerides, and 21 percent by insulin.Whereas in the case of antioxidant activity, there is an increase to 13% after eat foods containing spices.

Spices is actually not only be used for cooking, but also achieve health.A recent study in theJournal of Nutritionshowed a mixture of spices in foods can increase metabolism in the body.

According to researchers, by adding a combination of various spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, and peppers to the food significantly, it can help reduce the levels of triglycerides and insulin.

"Antioxidants such as spices may be important in reducing oxidative stress and thereby reduce the risk of chronic diseases," said Sheila West fromPenn State University and colleagues.

They concluded by including the spices to the food each day, they can help to normalize the a number of health disorders obefore and after eating.


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