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The Quit Smoking Express: Metaphysical Insights on Addiction

Updated on October 24, 2012

Starting on the Earth

As I incorporate the teachings of the way of the energy centers known as chakras into my Quit Smoking Express series, I find it interesting to note that the qualities of the root chakra to be an illuminating look at the way an addict may be able to shed old thoughts and patterns and start over.

Some of the characteristics of this chakra which is located at the base of the spine are the feelings of being grounded, centered, in great physical health and having comfort in your own body image. You would be stable and solid with prosperity and feel as if you have every right to be here and deserve to have a good life no matter what past experiences may have influenced your decision to derail into an addictive lifestyle.

The tell tale signs of an unbalanced root chakra (which we all have whether we know about it or believe in it or not) are things that an addict actively supports such as the unwillingness to change, obsession with material wealth and overeating, overworking and overspending - basically anything we do outside of moderation that tends to drain us and lead us away from other things we could be doing to help balance, ground and stabilize ourselves.

Fear, anxiety, restlessness, daydreaming...all of these also contribute to affecting the root chakra and these emotions are also bound to manifest as you remove the "smoke screen" and see what is behind there...if you dare. If you are here reading this saying,"Oh I smoke because it relaxes me, its a part of my life that makes me feel calm and able to deal with everything else" ...this series is not for you.

I don't think you would waste your time here if that were true. Deep underneath, where you are scared and angry...there is a tiny spark burning with desire to grow into a flame and burn away everything that stands in your way to who you are really supposed to be.

Day One...How to Begin

Roots. What does this word mean to you? Do you think of your family or an avocado suspended on toothpicks in a glass on the kitchen counter? Or both?

Child. What does this word mean to you? Were you a happy or miserable child? Are your own children happy or miserable? Abandoned, abused, adopted? Spoiled, autistic, socially challenged?

Begin. What does this word mean to you? How does it make you feel? Excited, anxious, upset, exhausted?

I have chosen these three words because your addiction has roots in who you are, who you were and who you will become. There is a child within you that has been hurt and betrayed a few times, or more often than that. There is a defiance and destruction in your nature but there is also strength, courage and discipline to become more than those old things all rooted down within you.

Begin. Begin to identify why you smoke. Why did you begin? What or who influenced you? When was the pivotal moment? If you have tried everything else, you must now try something entirely different. Stop trying what everyone else wants you to try. You must put the emphasis on what YOU want to try, what you want to do and what you want to leave behind.

There will be days where things will surface that you thought you would never ever recall again. These are vital clues to why you have rooted yourself into an addictive pattern with a substance known to be more powerful than heroine. But then there is this comforting fact. You were not born a smoker. Yes, it can be possible that you were born an addict because of the habits of the woman who carried you. Yes, it can be possible that you have no happy and grounded relationships right now, or haven't for a long time. Sadly, there may be some of you who have been severly neglected and disregarded for quite a large part of your life.


This is not an overnight fix. This will take years to integrate into your every cell, just as it took several years to form this habit that you employ sometimes 20 or more times a day, just like I did for about 17 years off and on. I am still learning to stay strong as a warrior against the war within myself. There are still dark pathways that I know must be travelled along and I am slowly moving towards them with caution and insight like a lamp on my forehead. There is always a chance that I can relapse...but not today my friends. Not today.

What you may want to do next is go out a buy a special notebook and start witnessing the power of the written word. No one EVER has to see it but you. It is the key to the beginning of your personal journey, your creative development into a healthier and happier person no matter who is or is not around you. You do not have to answer to anyone about your choice to be a more secure person without the binding ties of addiction around you.

You don't need to buy the notebook, mind you, you can take whatever paper you have around and start. One page of loose leaf. One paragraph, at least. Write just another sentence about what you want everytime you sit down. Read it over and add to it, or subtract. This is your blueprint to success. This is your ticket out.

You will notice the more the "smoke clears" other things will appear. Anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, hunger, jealousy to name a few. Each one will be dealt with and there is nothing wrong about any of them. You most likely have been harboring a lot of these for a very long time, and now it is your chance to change them, to name them and release them. A harmless way to do this is to start writing them out.

Helpful books that aid you in writing down what you really want


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