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Steps To Take Care Of Your Elder Parents

Updated on November 25, 2012

Parents are the most important part of our lives which is why we make extra efforts to take care of them especially when they become old. It is important to follow a systemised approach when caring for aged parents to ensure that our efforts go in the right direction. Based on my personal experience.


I have jotted down certain pointers for your help.

· Professional care – Home care professionals are the best people to hire to take care of aged parents. Providing a comprehensive supervision to your parents, they ensure their safety to the optimum. There are several home care providers who specialise in offering a wide array of home care. Starting from overnight care to palliative care, every need can be handled successfully by them. You can choose the home care service provider by searching on the internet.

· Make adjustments – You can make certain adjustments in the home for your elder parents. Be it the inclusion of antiscald in your bathroom showers or the adjustment of the water heaters to a low temperatures, all these ensure the safety of your parents. You can also opt for grab bars to be installed in the bathrooms.

· Proper medication – It is recommended that you appoint someone knowledgeable to purchase medicines for your aged parents. In this way, he/she will have a detailed knowledge about the medicines your parents take and this can come in handy during emergency situations.

· Financial matters – Monetary concern is common among the elder parents. However, due to self respect they feel hesitant to discuss this with their children. Therefore, it is important that you tackle this matter in a smart way. Discussing your own financial plans/investments is an effective way of starting up the conversation with them. This also prevents the chances of their ego getting hurt.

· Expense planning – Plan the things you would like to do for your parents. Ranging from a small gift to even gifting them a house, it is necessary that you plan early for better money management. This will keep you in a better position and also let you take care of your parents the way you want to.

· Workouts – This is an interesting way of keeping your parents fit and healthy. Medical science has proved that regular exercising keeps the aged people fit and also protects them from severe diseases. You must plan daily workouts for them and even give them company while they are doing workouts.

· Frequent visits – If you live away from your parents, make sure you visit them regularly. In spite of a home care provider, your presence will always be desired by them. This will brighten them up and keep them in good mood always.

· Pay attention to their needs- Even your parents would want to eat their favourite dishes. Cooking some of their favourite food items and deserts is a nice way of pampering them. You can also take them out for dining once in a week to refresh their minds. During free time play games with them also. Listen to their concerns and share your problems too. This will strengthen your bond with your parents.

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  • tabrezrocks profile image

    Md Tabrez Alam 5 years ago from Calcutta, India

    Thank You Very much for your comment, i am trying to write some more hubs related to this topic

  • whizzer profile image

    whizzer 5 years ago from Ireland

    Such an important subject and yet so little written on it. Thanks for spreading the information.