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Stimulating creativity using the positive thinking

Updated on May 21, 2013

The Creativity

Creativity is important for the realization of diverse activities, both professional and on a personal level. Despite being very relevant to all people, the development of creativity is not always valued in schools and courses, which ends up limiting the potential of the students, helping them lose valuable opportunities because of the difficulty to explore the creative potential.

Encourage creativity is something that can be done through simple measures, such as incentives for people to think "outside the box", so, think of different stocks of conventional alternatives. When creativity is stimulated, it is possible to have more conditions to create unique solutions to everyday problems.

Applying creativity depends on the constant effort to put into practice ideas, once the waste creative ideas can be avoided stimulating creativity. Therefore, it is essential to understand what the human creative potential and how it can be nurtured.

Use your creative potential

From early childhood, people have a creative potential, which may contribute to the development of adults when such potentially bolder is adequately exploited.

If the creative potential is not encouraged, children become adults who are afraid to act innovatively, for what is new and different just scaring those who are not prepared to deal with their own creative potential.

In order to fully exploit their creativity, there are those who refer to the formulas that promise to make anyone more creative. However, the creative potential is best explored through simple everyday actions that enable new experiences are experienced.

Prioritize positive thinking

The way people deal with new situations is crucial to success. It is recommended to prioritize positive thinking, because it acts as a motivator for attitudes that are beyond the commonplace.

When you visualize something going wrong even before such a thing happens, we ended up getting discouraged and afraid to exploit the creative potential that we have. Thus, optimism may contribute to functions that you can perform with more confidence in their own success.

For creativity is stimulated by positive thinking, it is necessary that our attitude toward the problems are more persistent, without any challenges are seen as impossible.

8 Tips for Your Creativity Flowing

You must be wondering "How to be creative through positive thinking?". Below you can find some answers to this question. The creativity exercises below are for anyone who has the intention to be creative in your routine.

1. Complaining is not the solution
Faced with problems, many people prefer to just complain. This kind of attitude is not ideal, because the complaint does not guarantee resolution. Thus, it is preferable to spend the energy used to complain in a more productive, so think of a solution increases the chances of getting positive results;

2. Breaking rules is not always a bad thing

Rules and regulations are made to be followed, however, do not always something that goes in the opposite direction to what was stipulated is bad. Breaking rules and try to accomplish things through different ways may prove an effective way to make such action. The more your mind is free, you will be more creative to take actions that may initially seem strange;

3. Fear of failure limits creativity

Fear must pass away from creative people, because that feeling limited creativity, preventing the realization of different things common. Test different possibilities is a great way to stimulate creativity, even if the probability of error.

The pressure they exert on misconceptions we are just blocks our ability to dare and to find solutions more advantageous. Therefore, the fear of failure can not dominate our thoughts;

4. Premature judgments undertake creativity

It is natural to judge prematurely based on existing concepts. However, one should not allow such judgments to guide the thoughts, avoiding the implementation of plans on the basis of ideas discarded because they seem totally strange. They are strange because not only resemble the references previously known;

5. Note ideas prevent them from being lost

You may have experienced a situation where we had an idea extremely creative, but that was lost because you did not write it anywhere and ended up forgetting the details. Taking this into account, has the habit of writing down your ideas, including those that do not seem to be as good at the moment. Think positive and believe that even reasonable ideas can only be good for something in the future;

6. Relocate allows the emergence of new ideas

Creativity can be stimulated by changing locations. For example: if you need to do an activity and can not think of a different idea, go to another environment, because a single local exchange can help encourage their creative potential;

7. Increase productivity goals

When setting goals, you can organize themselves in order to make better use of your time and resources. Faced with multiple objectives, it is possible to develop creative ways to reach them, increasing their productivity;

8. Relaxing activities serve to exercise the brain

If you like doing physical exercises or other relaxing activity, take time during your day to put into practice such activities. Thus, you will be able to exercise the brain without forcing the mind to find solutions to everyday problems. Remember that if you do not have time to make things different, chances thinking of creative things will be lower because you will be overwhelmed and will be conditioned to think of such things.

Exercising creative thinking is simple. Just put our suggestions into practice in their daily activities. So, you have a greater chance to fully exploit their potential for creativity!

How creativity works


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