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Yoga and Meditation for Happiness

Updated on August 6, 2014

Question in the life

There are many questions in life & one keeps on searching answers for those questions. We want to achieve something big but never know what is that big:) We want to be happy.

Everyone in life aims to be successful, happy and free from all worries. This worries can be about your career, job, relationships, exams or our day to day problems. No one actually is happy when one is facing any of these problems. To get rid of this then we give our best. But then also we never get what we want.


How to be happy is the biggest question

I also face a similar questions and keep on searching answer to this question. How to be Happy?

Out of curiosity I have been reading many inspirational books, spiritual books, watching many movies, listening to the songs, trying different types of food, visiting different places. After every few days I again feel I still haven't got the answer to what I am searching. This quest of happiness is never ending.

But I have been always believing I will find a way to be happy for sure.


Journey to happiness starts

On a fine morning I am very desperate as usual to be happy today. Head was paining like anything because I didn't sleep yesterday night with this thought to find answer to my question.

While thinking this I found few small kids playing, shouting & dancing happily.

Yes they were happy. They had answer to my question.

I ran down to them and looked at them and felt relaxed than before. I kept on looking at them. When they were about to leave from there I went to them & asked them, "Are you happy?"

They looked at me and smiled. I really got angry at them that I am asking such an important question and they are laughing. But still I managed somehow and asked them. But they didn't say anything.

I sat down and started remembering my past when I was kid all the things that I used to do. Suddenly I found I was smiling at those old memories. But when I analysed further I found it was not about those memories but there was something else.

Understanding Roots of Happiness with Yoga & Meditation

I still kept on analyzing about my childhood. How I was like when I was a kid? Did I ever worried about all these things like. Whatever I liked I did. Every action was dynamic & enthusiastic.Then how come I become like this now? How did I become so sad? What all things did change?

With my little brain I could not find answers to all these questions. But I found out I am more closer to my answer. Now actually I was eager to get to the answer.

And I remembered words of wisdom from saints & spiritual Gurus. Yoga & Meditation are the techniques that help one to find inner dimensions of life.

I decided to study meditation techniques from some master. Searched a lot on internet also about yoga and meditation classes around. And finally I registered for a course.

Happiness Program & knowing Sudarshan kriya helped a lot to get rid of stress & be stress free quickly.

All these natural techniques are more powerful than tablets & pain killers. These are easy to practice and anyone can practice it.

Realizing Happiness is within Ourselves

When the classes started I started realizing shift in my thoughts. My behavior changed I became more and more calm and was more peaceful than before.

Before this I was struggling because I was completely lost in my thoughts. Unnecessary possibilities & fears were crowding my mind. All this was happening from many years. Yoga and meditation taught me how to come out of this vicious circle of thoughts. It helped me in doing this naturally with easy techniques of breathing & pranayamas.

I am free from those unnecessary thoughts, Life is very beautiful as it was when was kid. Happiness is within me and not outside. Happiness is what nature gives us.

Yes I am happy Now :) I smile more often & want to share this many people around me.

Hope you also are searching answer for this questions. I wish you will find answer to your question very soon...

Be Happy & Keep Smiling!!!

Secrets of Life


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