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Suicides - a Cry for Help?

Updated on January 10, 2011


When so many people manage to live out fulfilling lives or long lives with or without happy endings; many who undergo trauma or born with handicaps face life courageously and had even become successes, why some kill themselves?


Many have attributed the reason to: “to stop pain”. Several studies have attributed the higher levels of suicides to movies or television programs or media coverage. The other factors that had contributed to suicides and suicide attempts are family, personality, pressure or stress, and so on. Whatever it is, it is an escape from an unbearable situation.


Majority people who attempt suicide are often trying to get away from a life situation that seems impossible to deal with. These attempts often represent a desperate cry for help. Suicide attempts and threats should always be taken seriously. Many people who attempt suicide talk about it before making the attempt. Sometimes, simply talking to a considerate, nonjudgmental listener is enough to prevent the person from attempting suicide. People who have good social support may require only a brief intervention.


Some people are able to handle the pressure from external forces with maturity and are driven to desperation. Instead of facing the situation courageously, blame others and self pity themselves. These people have been found to be sensitive, self-centered, immature, emotional, and egoistic. Finally, this self-pity and the anger at the world reach abnormal magnitude triggering suicides.


Suicides are avoidable. Family and friends can help prevent them by intervening without waiting to be approached. Through understanding, reassurance, and support, you can help your loved one overcome thoughts of suicide. A suicide is undoubtedly an act of weakness and also of great desperation. So, help anyone who shows warning symptoms. Whatever the magnitude of your problems or how much ever busy you are, pause, and help someone who is in trouble. Be involved in doing good, help others, and get closer to family and friends.


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    • nkrohini profile image

      Kavitha Rajeev Kumar 7 years ago from India

      Thanks MrDSpade2! Hey don't stop just go ahead and write more about this topic.

    • profile image

      MrDSpade2 7 years ago

      Yeah, i've read this whole insightful, informative, well written hub, after reading this, there's no need for me to create one with a simular topic...

      good read