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Super Easy Butt Lift Exercises

Updated on December 29, 2010

You want a J.Lo booty, right? Well, J.Lo wouldn't have that perfect little booty if she didn't work it out on a regular basis. She'd have a lot more junk in the trunk, if you know what I'm saying. We all would. That's why booty exercises are so important; if you can't set a pint on it, it's time to work your glutes.

If you've read my booty jeans article, you know I've got plenty of booty to go round, and these are the exercises I use to keep it from getting too bootylicious. You'll notice I don't have the traditional buns-of-steel workouts listed -- that's cos they suck to do. If I have to kill my knees in order to get a tight butt, I'd rather pass. Fortunately, there are easier methods that work well, and won't hurt your knees or your back. Here are my faves.

Door Handle Hip Extensions

I call these door hip extensions, cos that's what I use to balance myself. I find it far, far easier than using the back of a chair. They're incredibly easy, and if you do them right, you will feel it rather quickly. See the video below for correct form -- it's the same exercise without the door.

Step One

Find a door.

Step Two

Open it.

Step Three

Face the open door and place a hand on each doorknob. Your body shouldn't be touching the door, you are only using it to balance.

Step Four

Extend your leg behind you, and slightly to the side. Slightly -- you will feel the burn if you are doing it correctly. Remember to squeeze your butt as you do it. You can either alternate lifts, or do one set with one leg and then the other.

Tip: Want to add resistance? Try ankle weights.

Standing Hip Extensions

Stability Ball Leg Raises and Curls

These are just as easy, and just as effective. Use them in conjunction with the door handle hip extensions, and you'll have a nice booty in no time.

Step One

Get an exercise ball.

Step Two

Place your heels on the edge of the ball. Your legs should be hip-width apart and your heels should be pressing down into the ball. You can lean the ball against the wall for more stability if you want to.

Step Three

You're going to raise your butt in the air and align your body so that it resembles a plank. I'd recommend going slower than the jock in this vid, but do whatever feels right for you. Just remember to squeeze the booty are you lift and lower.

Step Four

Roll the ball toward your butt by drawing your legs in, and then do your lifts all over again from the new position. See video for proper technique.

Stability Ball Leg Raises and Leg Curls

Proper Technique Is Important

If you're confused about positioning, take a look at the video below -- this fitness instructor walks this woman through a number of variations while describing how each move should be done.

Stability Ball Variations w/ Instruction


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