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Support Healthcare now

Updated on April 23, 2011

Health Care Opponent

Grassley voted for the same language in a 2003 Medicare bill.
Grassley voted for the same language in a 2003 Medicare bill.

Stop the rhetoric

I heard about this charity called Remote Access Medical (RAM). Generally, RAM, drops medical supplies and medical teams into remote areas and treats people who may need it in countries like Haiti, Somalia, or Guyana. However, just last week, RAM was in Inglewood, CA at the Inglewood Forum helping people who lack health care. Many of the people lined up at 4 p.m. and were still there at midnight.

The stories were amazing. One little girl had to skip school so that she could go get glasses. When her father was asked about the alternative, he said, “She just wouldn’t get glasses.” Another gentleman who suffers from constant pain said that if he had not gone to the Forum, he would have had to suffer. Now many of these people were uninsured, but the vast majority of them were people with healthcare who could not afford their premiums or had inadequate coverage. Many were minorities, but a large number were Caucasian. Many were unemployed, but the vast majority hard working people.

The director of the program was appalled because he said that he should be in a third world country and not in downtown Los Angeles. I am amazed that most Americans do not agree. How horrid is it that hard working Americans have to go to a charity for basic health care, for dental care, and to have an eye exam. These seemingly intelligent people listen to the rhetoric of people like Sarah Palin who talks about death panels for seniors, they fail to see that the same representatives who jumped on this band wagon about death panels voted for the same language in a 2003 Medicare bill that was passed. Sen. Charles Grassley, of Iowa, who is one of the biggest opponents of health care reform voted for this bill which allowed seniors who were terminally ill to receive end-of-life counseling.

The question is one of equity. America is the richest country in the world, yet we have millions of children who go to bed each night hungry. One of the people at the RAM event said that she was afraid that she could be having a heart attack and not be able to call an ambulance because she would have to pay a large bill later. America is the richest country in the world and yet we have a large homeless population, many of which are children.

Christians are required to tithe 10% of their salary to the church to provide for those who give them spiritual “food”. This is an organization whose mandate, according to the Isaiah 58 is to care for those who can not care for themselves. My question to the church is where is the money? Why are you not taking care of the people in Inglewood? Why are you not taking these homeless people into your sanctuaries and feeding and clothing them? Why do you refuse to care for the infirmed?

Instead you preach hate, you preach intolerance, and you preach rhetoric while you fill you coffers.

RAM is doing what those in the church are supposed to be doing. Yet, we as a nation have the opportunity to do something great and take care of those who need a little help caring for themselves. Grow up America and support health care.


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