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Surprising Everyday Little Things that Can Bring You Happiness

Updated on October 16, 2019
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Dr. B is a naturopathic doctor in Ontario, Canada. He is the author of "Rules of Health," a comprehensive guide on healthy living.

Most people think that they must wait for a major life event to bring them happiness. Research shows big life events like getting married or getting that promotion do bring happiness but the level of happiness goes back down to your original set point within a short while. And realistically speaking how many major life events can one have. A more effective way to achieve happiness is to relish in and enjoy the small often unanticipated life events. What other choice do we have? Stay unhappy and wait for something amazing to happen to cheer you up. What are the odds of that happening? We need to change our mentality to one of appreciation and wonderment for the beauty of life and the seemingly random occurrences that happen all around us and to us that bring us joy. Look for it in your day to day habits and rituals, at work and at home and everywhere in between.

When we are fully conscious of the experiences we are taking part in, we recognize the little distinctions, the essences, and the emotional states it puts us in and how that makes us feel more alive. When you slow down just a bit, pay attention and take in these little moments just for yourself, it’s like little escapes in the middle of the day. It can boost your energy and give you a feeling of contentment that can carry over to other parts of your life. These little moments of joy are important for us to feel grounded and to be able to feel like there is more to life. When we open our hearts and minds and just observe by being in the moment, life gives us moments to enjoy and cherish all the time.

Here Are My Top 20 Ways to Sustain Happiness in Our Lives.

  1. Waking up to a sunny and beautiful day, opening the windows and taking in the fresh air and just pausing for a bit and enjoying the moment. If you are lucky enough some songbirds will serenade you with their singing. The bright light will reset your circadian clock as well which will help you sleep better at night.
  2. Walking into a room and smelling the freshly brewed coffee. Just close your eyes and take in the smell and get energized. When you are fortunate enough to be in the presence of any scent you really enjoy, take a moment and enjoy it. Associating a smell to a positive feeling will register it in your mind and being that the olfactory sensors have a direct connection to our emotional centers in the brain anytime you smell these wonderful aromas in the future you will immediately feel good.
  3. When taking a shower, take a moment to just feel the warm water hitting your body and enjoy the heat. Maybe you have an aching joint, direct the water there and feel the relaxation that follows.
  4. When meeting loved ones after some absence, give them a long firm hug telling them how much you love them and keep the hug for at least 5 Mississippi’s. Both of you will feel amazing with the rush of feel good hormones that get released.
  5. Being in the car when it’s raining is one of my most favorite activities. Just turn off the radio for a while and hear the pitter patter of rain drops on the roof of the car. It’s one of the most relaxing and peaceful moments one can have. Getting that new rain smell is also one those memorable moments.
  6. Holding the door for someone who might need the help or opening the door for them. Although, it may not seem like much of a significant gesture. It is one of those selfless acts that leaves a good impression on the other person and also leaves you feeling happier for doing the good deed.
  7. Another wonderful moment in life is when you are alone maybe driving or at home and you turn on the radio and your favorite music comes on. You can freely sing or dance along without any apprehensions because there is nobody there to judge your behavior. You feel free and alive in that moment. Stay in it and cherish it.
  8. Maybe you have had a rough day at work and you need a little me time. If it’s a beautiful day take advantage of it and have your lunch outside. Find a nice park bench and watch the world do its thing and just observe as you enjoy your lunch.
  9. Getting that extra hour of sleep on your day off. Taking your time to get out of bed and stretching slowly and lazily without the thought or need to rush anywhere.
  10. Getting that random phone call from a longtime friend you haven’t spoken to in years. Catching up and reminiscing about the good old days can bring up some wonderful feelings.
  11. Thinking of a funny memory and laughing out loud when in public and then explaining yourself to those who heard you or even better keeping quiet and letting others wonder what made you laugh.
  12. Watching your favorite comedy shows or stand-ups comics and laughing. Anytime you are stressed take a few minutes and play something funny on YouTube or your favorite channel and let your mind get distracted with the silliness that ensues
  13. Taking that moment just after cleaning your house before anyone has had the chance to mess it up again and just enjoying it.
  14. Feeling the warm clothes against your skin after removing them from the dryer.
  15. Watching the Sunrise or sunset with its long red and orange hues and just admiring the beauty of nature especially when the rays are behind a cloud. On the same note, watching the change in color of the leaves during autumn months can be quite enjoyable.
  16. Biting into your favorite food. Instead of just devouring it quickly, slow down and enjoy the taste. Chew slowly and let your saliva bring out the complete taste of the food for your taste buds to enjoy and don’t forget to breathe in the aroma as well. Keep your full attention on the meal and blank out the rest of the world while you are in your moment of joy.
  17. Smiling at children and watching them smile back. Watching your children express themselves freely and just enjoying how open and honest they are.
  18. If you have pets, especially a dog, you will have many moments where your furry companion can take all your worries away with his antics and genuine affection.
  19. After years of being married going on a date with your significant other and holding hands whenever you get a chance. It can remind you of the times when you started dating and why you fell in love with your partner in the first place and this can bring on wonderful feelings of love and belonging.
  20. Lastly just being present and paying attention to the many little things that make up our wonderfully quirky and unpredictable lives.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Behzad Azargoshasb


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