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The Little Things Bring Joy

Updated on November 11, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

The Little Things Bring JOY
The Little Things Bring JOY

Candy Yum

Candy makes the world taste good
Candy makes the world taste good | Source

It's all about the little things and how we see them

The little things bring joy! Smiles, hugs, a song that swells in your heart, try to imagine the deep aromas of spices, like cinnamon or nutmeg for a quick fix, or the magnificent piece of chocolate eighty-five percent pure cocoa.

One can share in rescue in the darkest places by allowing yourself joy! At least let it in enough to catch your breath! Close your eyes and breathe, taking in the surrounding beauty masked not in a costume but by a lazy eye.

In the circumstances, we forget the little things. However, the little things are huge in tough times. When we give joy to the attention to work its magic, unbearable stuff becomes, well, at least manageable if we submit to a refreshing drop of solace.

Explore the possibilities of finding invigorating pearls of joy within the nightmare; what about candy, the fantastic gift of sugar, or even sugar-free candy? The sweetness astounds the palette, right? The instant touch to our the buds, and you go to a place of contentment. The spontaneous reaction occurs without conscience and when one reacts to the Yum! In moderation, we have no worries. Candy is one thing with a delectable joyous boomerang to the sweetness. It's okay, “I get you, I do, I am you, and we will get through the next few seconds to the joy. Just hang in there. We can do it."

That smells awesome

Wow, that smells so good

Slam your senses with goodness; this is yet another method of immediate joy when something smells fabulous, distracts you, and you want to stop and find that awesomeness. That deliciousness needs me. Have you said this? Maybe the scent was sweet perfume, a candle wafting of apple pie, or snickerdoodles baking in the oven that evokes a response from you. Few can deny the swirling aroma of various coffee beans or chocolate? The lovely soothing aroma of a sweet chai tea warms some. Regardless of how the scents draw you in, they are wrapping you in warmth and comfort, as if to say, “I get you, I see you, I am you, and we will get through this to the joy; just hang in there, we can do it."

Music makes the heart swell


Music makes a heart feel good

Music finds you with a bounce on the eardrum; you may have had emotions of chaotic craziness, even ugly, severe crying that engulfed your body in a burning fire just moments before the sudden respite comes. With the melodic notes pierce your heart and tears subside, the most hopeful reaction occurs, both unexpected and welcomed. You feel somehow taller, ever more assertive, confident, as if to say, “I get you, I see you, I am you, and we will get through this to the joy, just hang in there, we can do it."

Hugs and smiles bring joy or nah depending on how they are given

Hugs, here it comes! Some people refuse hugs or they are uncomfortable. However, there're so many ways to hug. The squeeze is absolute and met with retrogressive action. Regardless of how it finds you, good or bad, it's a constant in our society, especially in desperate situations. It can still be okay with a counterbalance because, deep down, we all need to connect. It is often tricky, but you are undeniably present in a hug. If we recognize the embrace is hugely undesirable, then hug with your words. Undeniable pain causes desperate action, and we all need to build one another up. As in the hug, we say, “I get you, I see you, I am you, and we are going to get through this to the joy. Just hang in there; we can do it."

Smile, “I enjoy smiling; smiling is my favorite!” Thank you, ELF, the movie, for forming this quote in our nostalgia. Seems so simple, right? Just SMILE, so why do so many forget how to? Well, I suppose it's because the world and the day-to-day negatives creep in so languidly. How quickly the frown makes itself notable. Often we don’t even notice our slippery slope to the downward turn of our expression. The heaviness steps in and takes our joy. The next time the harmful attempts its prowl, look earnestly for its counterpart, the simple beauty of the smile. You can always find that smile, if nowhere in your surroundings, it can assuredly be under the sheltering protection of your very own heart, as if to say, “I get you, I see you, I am you, and we are going to get to through this to the joy just hang in there, we can do it!”

Now, you fill in the blank I find JOY in my nightmare by__________________?

I like smiling smiling is my favorite

Remember the little things can bring JOY

You’re unique; you're just as you should be. Jesus gets you, He sees you; He knows you. You will get to the joy because Jesus wants you; with Him, all things are possible.

Don't get hung up on the small stuff; instead, focus on the little things of joy. Hold nothing back. Remember, the little things can bring happiness if you find Him in every little thing! Make sure you surround yourself with peeps that will hold you accountable to remember the joy in the dark places. Keep looking at the light in the darkness; you can do it! Everyone is a little broken and missing the blessing, but with a friend like Jesus, all things are possible! It is time for no more holding back from Joy!

Make sure you surround yourself with peeps that will hold you accountable to see the light in dark places. You can do it, everyone's a little broken, but with a friend like Jesus, all things are possible!

No more holding back from joy; I bet you find that Joy in Jesus!

Don't hold anything back ... "HOLDING NOTHING BACK" Ryan Stevenson

Ways to Stay Positive

  • Always look for the good or at least the useful in all things.
  • Remember the little things, looked at in the right way, can be the joy in the storms.
  • Little things are always there to make you smile in the significant trials of life. Often we need to clear away the clutter by re-focusing, but there is still something that can make an important, callous thing just a little lighter.
  • Keep your sense of humor; the most horrific situations can become funny in your future, depending on your perspective.
  • Keep looking up and wait for the rainbows. They will come. Sometimes, it takes some time to build them, but they always come.

Once you find JOY don't forget to be thankful

A lovely woman was making a soufflé and having more trouble, so she said, “please God, just this once, let it be perfect, please help!” It flopped, so she tried again. Saying, “please, God, let it be perfect, and I will forever be yours and do whatever you ask,” and again, it flopped. So one more time, she worked meticulously separating the eggs, taking her time and begging, “please God, I will spend extra time with You and never lose it and….” She carefully went to the oven and pulled out a masterpiece. It was terrific, and she said, Thanks anyway, God, I know you were busy; I did it myself!" hahaha did she do it herself?

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

2 Samuel 22:50 “Therefore I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing the praises of your name."

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