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Surviving life after all the steam is gone

Updated on May 17, 2011
Is there anything more importaint
Is there anything more importaint | Source

As we get older and the luxury of life dims lower we find ourselves making a living after retirement. To a lot of unsuspected retirees, retirement only means that you have traded one job for a lower paying job.

Has the dream been lost somewhere in your sleep, after all these years of planning and waiting for the moment?

Most Americans born in the 1940’s find themselves in a bad situation these days with the economy as it is and health insurance so high. The baby boomers that have held onto a dream of living the life on a beach or on a mountain somewhere have been sadly disappointed.

How can we overcome this little bump in the road to retirement?

One thing that we have to admit to ourselves is that life after work may have to include a part time job; however do you already live within the range of the mountains or beach? Moving is far too costly and leaving your family behind would affect your children’s baby setter.

Let’s move on to cost of retirement, have we paid off the house and how about the new car or truck, insurance, oh my god the list just goes on. Have you thought about just hanging around working part time and volunteering your time for a needy cause in the community? How can we better our community in a way that we and our children have a benefit from your hard work?

For most of us in the working field there isn’t much savings left after fixing up the old air condition, refrigerator, stove and painting the house in future hopes of selling to a family just starting the cycle of life. When you see a young couple just getting married do you say to yourself you fool why are you getting married, next you’re going to want to have kids and a mortgage, payments and it goes on and on.

Stop a minute; can you remember the very first moment you said I love you? It hasn’t always been fun but the travel is full of moments, laughter and tears from time to time that are life on the go. Where else can you accrue scrap books full of pictures and moments that start conversations of oh my god what were you doing?

Ok now let’s just set down with the same little girl you met 30, 40 years ago and figure out what we are going to do about this retirement stuff. Do we really want to live on the beach with sand fleas, mosquitoes and constant visitors at your house just because you worked hard and planned to retire where you are now stuck! Ok let’s just think about this a little bit; life isn’t really that bad around here we have friends that own their home so they will not expect to spend the night or two. We are really happy with the community and long standing relationship with neighbors and friends. Just remember what it was like to start this voyage some 40 years ago, we were not making much money had no house , lived in a ghetto trailer and drove old cars that got 10 miles to the gallon.

I think that maybe we should just stick around a little longer and take a few more trips to the beach but let’s just come home after for there is really no place like home.


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