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Women's Health...Dong Quail Root

Updated on April 21, 2016

Dong Quai Root

Dong Quai Plant

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dong quaicup of tea
dong quai
dong quai
cup of tea
cup of tea

Also known as Tang Kuei this native tea of china has been honored by women for centuries. A member of the carrot family Dong Quai has been used by itself or in blends for over two thousand years. The root is the beneficent part that is used in teas, blends or tonics. Although it is good for both male and female it has earned the reputation of the supreme female tonic.


A soothing and warming tea it contains magnesium, B12 and vitamin E.


Women who struggle with PMS will benefit from this tea; it will give the body the zinc and calcium which we often lack when dealing with the many mood swings that come about during this time.

Chi Energy:

It has what it takes to strengthen and build CHI energy, capable of moving stagnated body fluids such as blood...and redistributing the fluids through-out the body; giving balance and harmony to the body as a whole.

Disease Resistance:

The selenium which it contains helps the body's natural defenses against disease, antiviral and anti-fungal it fights bacteria.The vitamin E which is also an antioxidant will help the body absorb the selenium. Nutrients for immunity, iron for blood, silica for tissue repair.......this herb almost seems like a wonder drug. It is easy to see why dong quai has been used for so long in blends or as a tonic.


If you need regulating this is it, dong quai will calm the digestive tract and ease bloating as well as stomach cramps.

Heart and Blood:

Because it moves stagnated blood around which in turn helps to dissolve blood clots it is respected as a heart tonic. Better circulation improves coronary function, and it aids in the production of red blood cells. It stabilizes minor heart irregularities and relaxes the heart muscles to relieve stress on the heart.


Clears toxins in the liver.


Helps to restore the muscles and joints, make a tea from the dried herbs or tea bag to use it as a compress. Soak a cloth in this hot tea and apply the cloth to the area in question. It will penetrate to reduce inflammation, toxins, eases pain......


It will stabilize estrogen/progesterone production without the aid of estrogen.Because it helps to build bone marrow which is a concern for menopausal women it helps against osteoporosis and let us not forget the healthy dose of anti-aging vitamin E.


High in vitamin E, vitamin A, B3, B12, B complex, C, iron, calcium, sodium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon........

Caution: Avoid dong quai if you have diabetes.

Surely you can see why buying this herb either in dry form or in a tea bag is worth the investment for both male and female.When purchasing this herb in the form of a tea bag do take the time to read the ingredients. Some brands will mention dong quai but have very little if any in it. The dominant herb is usually at the top of the ingredient list. Do research your herbs before including them in your diet. Look for all of the warning/caution signs to make sure that it will not interfere with any medications or pre-existing ailments


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