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TIP FOR THE DAY - Rapid Weight Loss

Updated on August 14, 2012

How fast can I safely lose weight?

Being your own weight coach can work.
Being your own weight coach can work. | Source

A pound a day, or what?

Burning off calories at a greater rate than taking in calories is the key to any weight loss. CAUTION: Doing it safely is extremely important. Not every doctor is well-trained in healthy weight loss (or maybe they just slept through that single class.) Do, however, get professional advice on how you can reach a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) as rapidly as possible, because an unhealthy BMI is exactly that: unhealthy.

It is clear that muscle burns more calories than fat cells do, so one key to burning more calories during weight loss is to reduce the number of fat cells and increase the body's muscles. That will also guard against too much loose flab as you shed the pounds. One goal of most people's weight loss is simply to look better, and a lot of loose, hanging flab is not anyone's end goal.

In previous tips rewarding yourself for avoiding temptations, and drinking chilled or cold water for hydration have already been mentioned. The body will crave needed nutrients, as much as it craves water when it is thirsty. Sometimes the brain confuses those signals and thinks it needs nourishment when what it actually needs is water. Don't be fooled. On such occasions take a good drink of water and see whether or not the urge to eat something persists. Many times it will not and you avoided adding calories.

In healthy dieting and exercise most dieters will see rapid initial weight loss, but much of that will be water loss, even when staying properly hydrated. Only by burning more calories, than are taken in, will there be potentially lasting weight loss.

The brain has also been conditioned to know that, if it wants a quick blast of calories it can get those by craving refined sugar (often called "America's drug of choice" because it is probably addictive.) The body can avoid the brain's urgings, if you are regularly feeding it the nourishing foods it needs by having a series of healthy, snack-sized meals during the day, rather than the traditional breakfast/lunch/supper "biggies." That takes some planning, perhaps a change in what you shop for, and proper spacing. Rather than "early, mid, and late," plan on a snack-sized meal on waking, and another snack-sized meal every four hours thereafter until an hour or so before bedtime, each with a glass of water and another glass of water prior to sleeping.

This routine avoids "the sleepy dips" in blood sugar levels which cause foggy thinking and drowsiness, and best of all it avoids over-eating and sugar cravings.


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    • D.Juris Stetser profile image

      D.Juris Stetser 5 years ago from South Dakota

      voted up, interesting and awesome. some good ideas in this hub that i plan on trying out in my own constant state of Dieting..wish me luck. thanks so much for sharing really practical and useful advice.

    • Rebecca2904 profile image

      Rebecca 5 years ago

      Interesting Hub! I agree, a healthy diet and exercise are essential when it comes to weight-loss. While it's obviously important to be at a healthy weight and to get there as quickly as possible, it's also important to take it steadily. I've often found that if I make radical changes to my diet or exercise routine and it's very unlikely that I'll be able to keep them up, so taking it slowly and gradually is normally quite important too.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      You are correct that under-eating is not a good step toward weight loss. It is still possible to be "full" and have the right nourishment while reducing weight. "Snack size" in this "Tip For The Day" might be some fruit, a light sandwich, and a bowl of healthy soup. Good-sized salads still qualify as a "snack" (just watch the add-ons for the sugars and fats in the dressings and non-vegetable/fruit items you use in and on the salad.

      Skipping breakfast throws the metabolism into the "starvation mode" telling the body to avoid too much calorie burn and at the very time you are working to burn calories.. And, remember that the body just went without nourishment and liquid for 6-8 hours and needs some of each to get started for the day. Have the day's "snacks" ready and it won't be necessary to skip any of the day's refuelings. You will save money, too!

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I suppose you can lose weight fast, especially if you want to lose those extra few pounds to fit into a dress. Losing slowly is the best way. Sometimes eating too little prevents weight loss.