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Taking Care of Your face: Skin so different from your body

Updated on October 10, 2016

Importance of Facial Cleanser and your Delicate skin

It is no secret for your face to look clear and beautiful, you just have to clean it and protect it. Everybody needs a skin care routine for their face if you want to keep it free of acne, scars, UVA rays and UVB rays.

Cleansing your face is important because it is the first step to taking all the dirt and grim off of your face and start fresh. Your face contain a high number of sebaceous glands that your face for the most part will be oilier than any other part of your skin. In our everyday routine using cosmetics for work, school, or out everyday outing, it build up on your skin. Adding up your environmental dust, and other armful pollutions you will need to clear it all away by cleaning it all away. With all that you still need to be careful in cleaning your face, no aggressive cleaning that may cause damage.

GENTLE Facial Cleansing: Why it is important

The top layer of your skin is your stratum corneum, it is far more delicate than the rest of your skin. Understand that it really does not take much to damage your skin cell when cleaning your face. The number of cells on your face skin has fewer cells than almost all the skin on your body, only your genitalia have few skin cells. You are dealing with the high demand that is on your face when it moves more than any other parts of your body all day. With the thin layer it comes with for protection damage can easily happen. With high levels of nerve endings your skin will tightens and get irritated with no effort on your part. You want to be as careful as you can and keep maintained on an everyday basis.

Using the Right Cleansing Options

Majority of your everyday individuals use one soap for their body and face, well that is one mare way to do damage to your skin. No mater how natural and mild your body soap is you still can not use it on your face. Using a face cleanser works to your advantage because they are design for your sensitive skin. Using very simple face cleansers will keep your skin clean, fresh, and for the most part irritation free.

Your Routine for maintaining your skin

The first step in having a beautiful face for day or night is setting a proper routine. You want to get up in the morning and have a regimen for cleaning your skin and protecting it for the day. After you come home you want to clear away all the dirt and grim of the day, than finally pamper your skin at night before bedtime.

Steps you may want to include in your regimen:

-Cleanse skin with cleanser

-Apply toner to clear away soap residue

-Apply essence

-Apply Emulsion

-Apply serum

-Apply Moisturizer

-Apply eye cream

Cleaning your face does not have to include a multitude of steps, use just the ones you need to keep your skin clean and fresh. For the most part you really only have to cleanse your skin, use a toner , than moisturize to keep it clean and moisturize. Use as little or as much products as you need to set up your routine.

Methods for closed pores

What is the best method that works for closing your pores

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Choosing a cleanser for your Skin type

Choosing a cleanser base on your skin type helps improve your skin and actually remove almost all the dirt from your skin. You have your choice of the regular drug store products, the expensive products the boutiques sales, or you can even make your own at home. Understanding if you have oily skin, dry skin, or even a combination skin will determine the cleanser you buy. Looking others for advice is a great tool, but remember your friends most likely have a different skin type than you do so you may want to known that to.

-Most individuals use a soap-free cleanser, it is a syndets cleanser that can be use for people that have a sensitive skin. You want to keep your cleanser to a choice that contains a low pH level. This will give you the option to stay with fragrance free cleansers so your skin do not get irritated from any reaction to the ingredients.

-If you are more on the dry skin area you need a cleanser that hydrate your face while cleansing and help it maintaining that hydration. You should look for a cream cleanser, These cleansers come with your vitamins A,C and vitamin E that is essential for your skin. Look for products that offer a little more help to your skin to keep it from drying up and enhancing the environmental damages that comes. Look for hydrating cleansers like milk cleanser or a balms to keep moisture on your skin and absorb products.

-Oily skin now is a little different, you need to work on keeping your skin clear and the oils off your face. You would want to use a gel cleanser to help clear away the oil build up on your face. With the gel cleanser, when you wash your face it not only cleans but absorb the oil. Remember you already have oily skin so stay away from products that are label with any oil in them. Stick with a good water-base and oil-free cleansers. You also have a good chance that you will have a little acne if not major acne problem because of your oily skin. Using this gel cleanser will give you the clear skin you want when you clean your face and minimize the oil on it.

Pampering your Skin

Daily care is of the upmost important
Daily care is of the upmost important

Treatments that helps your skin

-Making a weekly clay Facial Mask can help detox dirt from your pores

-A facial herbal steam will help open your pores to get a deep clean and refresh your face and help with moisturizing

-When cleaning your face you may want to use a cleansing tools like a cloth or a brush, it help you get a closer clean

Simple Treatments for your skin

Have once a week spa like treatments for your face to help it even more, try using simple methods to help clear up your skin.

-Using a 5-1 Multifunction Electric Face Facial Cleansing Brush Spa Skin Care massage can be one very efficient way to keep your skin clear. You have the advantage to almost completely clean away any dirt or residue off your face.

-Cleaning Cloths are good for those who can handle it on their face, you can add your product on the cloth instead of your face and clean. Like a brush it helps you get a little extra scrub on your skin, but remember to always be gentle with your face.

-Facial cleaning cloths give you a great choice for those who wear makeup because you only use it once. They are all label for certain skin type so it is easy for you to use the one you need.

If you have acne just cleansing your skin is not enough, you want to have little treatments to help keep the acne away. One simple trick is to use aspirin mask once a week, it contains salicylic acid that all those acne medicine use to clear up your skin. Use two uncoated tablets once a week with a little bit of water to melt the tablets. Spread the paste on your face and leave it for about 15 to 30 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Afterwards apply a moisturizer and watch how nice your skin improve in about two to four weeks.

Using a clay mask once a week also help pull all the dirt and grim from your pores and keep your face clean.

Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser, Sensitive Skin 8 fl oz (240 ml)

Facial Cleanser

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All About Skincare & Beauty Tips

Your skin care product selections

Pick products not for the name brand but one that works for  'YOU'
Pick products not for the name brand but one that works for 'YOU'

Nature and its benefits

Many of the food we eat are not just to be consume as food, they can help us radiate our face and look beautiful. If you have never use plants base skin care products you can see why they will work with a longer lasting effect. A number of companies do make natural skin care products that will help your skin stay beautiful and young. Using something as simple as cucumbers on your skin can help to give your cells natural boost. It can help with hydration, a simple cheap way to make yourself a little facial mask like a spa treatment.


Using the right Skin Care Products

Buying skin care products comes with much thoughts, buy products that works with your skin type. Do not let all the fancy logos and claims on the bottle, make sure it works for 'you'. Do not just buy what is in the store do your research first on what your skin needs. Make sure if you see result for one person skin that your check and see why it works. Do not limit your products to just your ethnicity but try other ones that others around you have tried. Use a one month system to test out products unless your skin reacts in a breakouts or worst.

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