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Teeth Whiteners?

Updated on September 25, 2013

Have you noticed all the advertisements for Teeth Whiteners? I'd like to know what that's all about.Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, almost any site you visit. I realize some people are getting paid for people to click on these ads, but is there that much click thru? I also understand that us Americans are a vain group of people. Our faces are falling off, our breasts drag on the ground, our nose is to big, our penis too small ( yes even men are vain). However, are teeth that important?

Sure teeth are important. They do serve a useful function. Can't eat corn on the cob without them. No teeth and it's baby food city for you. How's that jar of strained carrots taste? Teeth are as important as a leg or arm. Like them, we provide substitutes if needed. I just don't see why they have to be blinding white.

Teeth aren't that important in the dating world. I've been physically attracted to women by face,butt, breasts or eyes, but teeth? I don't remember that being on my checklist. Judging by all these whitening ads , I guess I was missing something important.

About 1.7 billion Americans have improved their smile by using denture cosmetics or tooth whitening products. Trust me I looked it up. That's alot of people with bad teeth. You figure that many people I should know a few personally. Yet, as of now I can't think of anyone I know with bad teeth. Maybe they were already getting their teeth whitened before I met them.

So we have all these people getting work done on their teeth. Is America as a nation practicing bad oral hygiene? Parents aren't forcing the kids to brush anymore? We've become such a go getter nation that we just don't have time? Are things this bad worldwide? I don't have these answers. All I know is I want Teeth Whitening ads on all my blogs. They are making someone a lot of money and I want my share.

Facts About Teeth Whitening

Tooth colored fillings, crowns, bridges and veneers will not lighten when your teeth are bleached.

Teeth whiteningtoothpastes can make your teeth appear a little lighter by removing stains, but they do not actually bleach your teeth.

Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation are common side effects of teeth whitening treatments.

Touch ups are usually needed to maintain your desired shade, depending upon habits such as smoking, drinking coffee and tea and eating certain foods which will stain your teeth.

People with gum disease shouldn't get their teeth whitened.

 Egyptians used toothpaste around 2000 BC.They made toothpaste of powdered pumice stone and wine vinegar.

First-century Romans used toothpaste containing human urine

Initially, the Dentist used teeth whitening formulas for cleaning of dentures. 

Type in Teeth Whitening on Google and you get 3,750,000 results


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