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Ten Good Tips to Lose Weight

Updated on April 4, 2012

Losing weight quickly should never be your goal. Your goal should be to lose weight in a healthy and natural manner over a period of time. I have found in my attempts to lose weight that there are natural and healthy ways that you can get fit so I have put together 10 of the best tips that have worked for me and will work for you too.

1. Goals – When we are losing weight it is important to set goals. The biggest complaint that I hear from people is they never reach their goals. Well, having a goal to start off with will help but that is you’re overall goal. When trying to reach the pinnacle goal you need to set small goals in front of you on your way to a larger goal. This is how most people that have tried diets have succeeded in maintain a healthier weight

2. Junk Food- The biggest weakness that I struggled with was my love of junk food. It did not help me lose weight, but it tasted really good. So, I set a goal of only one meal a week if I wanted to have junk food. It was hard at first, but I definitely say an increase in the energy levels I was getting. If, you can avoid it all together, then it will be 100 percent better.

3. Fried Foods – fried foods are full of fatty greases and acids. So, if you are trying to lose weight then grill or boil any food that you decide to eat. It is a much healthier alternative then the grease ridden foods that you normally eat.

4. Eat a healthy Breakfast- many people in the world never eat any breakfast. This is essential to losing weight. The reason to eat a healthy breakfast even if it is just a healthy shake is that your body will use that energy all day long to keep you going. Once you are full in the morning you are less likely to start snaking on your way to lunch.

5. Fish and Chicken One of the healthiest things you can eat while dieting is fish and chicken. They are both low on fat and have many healthy antioxidants and other vitamins essential for your metabolism to speed up.

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6.Water The most essential drink of any diet is water. If you are thirsty give yourself water. It keeps you hydrated as well as cuts out a tremendous amount of calories from soda or other juices. Drinking plenty of water during the day will also help you maintain the feeling of being full.

7.Walking and other exercises- sometimes we do not have the motivation to get off the couch. However, if you are trying to lose weight then the best way to help maintain a level of physical exercise is to take periodic brisk walks during the day. It will help keep your metabolism up and increase your energy levels because you will burn fat from your body. If, you can do different exercises along the way then do those to keep your heart rate up, and your metabolism up to keep burning more fat.

8.Eat Often-I’m not saying go and grab a huge meal but eating small well planned meals during the day can help you eat healthy and lose weight. Small meals periodically during the day are essential to keeping up your metabolism.

9.Dream Results- You will lose weight, but the idea is to lose weight in a positive way that does not harm your body. You will be losing 1 or two pounds a week, and that is great but do not expect dream results overnight. It will take time to remove the weight that has been gained. Slow and steady have always run the race.

10.Carbohydrates it is good to keep carbohydrates in your diet but not in excess. So, keep a tally on the carbohydrates that you intake and understand that reducing them but not eliminating them will help you lose weight faster.

If, you follow these ten tips you will lose weight. It’s just inevitable that you will reach your goals with a little will power and determination. So, Use these tips and pass this page on to a friend you think might find it useful because we all need to eat healthier and start to enjoy life again.


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    Great tips. I am going to take it a step further and recommend that people take all these steps slowly. Do not try to do it all in one week. Just give up one bad food a week. Also don't forget to treat yourself to your favorite bad food once a week. Before your know it you start to crave all the good things.