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20 Quick Safe Weight Loss Tips

Updated on September 22, 2012

This Article can guide you in the twenty safest, healthiest, and rapid weight loss tips that are available. They can help you lose the weight and gain more energy. This will allow you to do it in a healthy and safe way.

1. Water – Drinking plenty of water is an excellent way for healthy and quick weight loss. You can also drink tea or juice. However, only choose the ones without any added sugars. Yet, if you can stick with water because it will help you maintain a full feeling as well as keep you hydrated.

2. Vegetables – If, you want to lose weight quickly you still need to eat. However, you need to choose carefully what you eat to maintain a healthy weight loss. Eating lots of vegetable and fruits will ensure your body maintains the correct level of nutrients and metabolism essentials

3. Hungry? One of the reasons most people do not lose weight when dieting is because they continue to eat all the time. Weather , they are hungry or not it just seems to occupy a large portion of their day. So, if you are hungry only eat when you are hungry, not because of emotional reason. Taking a little will power and self determination will help you accomplish this.

4. After dinner snacks- most of the time when we are relaxing after a stressful day at work we like to turn the TV on and load our favorite movie or TV show. We tend to grab a drink and a small snack to enjoy while we are watching. However, this is when are metabolism is at the lowest point in our day\, and if you are eating after you already had dinner most of what you are eating will turn into fat storage for later use. So, if you have to snack late at night choose a healthy alternative like celery, rice cakes, or even a cereal bar.

5. Dieting does not mean you have to avoid your favorite foods. It just means that you have to enjoy your favorite foods less. So, when you are tempted to have a huge bag of potato chips choose a smaller amount and lower the frequency in which you have them.

6. Take a Break – make a day during the week when you are most social to go out with friends and enjoy your favorite foods. Just because, you are on a safe and rapid weight loss diet, does not mean you have to give up your social life.

7. Smaller portions periodically – One of the proven methods to weight loss is the ability to eat smaller portions throughout the day. So instead of sitting down and eating 3 large meals a day split that into 6 smaller meals. This will greatly increase your control and uppity much better.

8. Spices- Believe it or not adding spices to your food can greatly influence your dieting. First it will help you feel fuller and more satisfied after a meal. It will encourage you to drink more water. However, a lot of spices actually are good for speeding up the metabolism. So, if you are not one for spices it is good to try to add some little by little in your cooking your body will love you for it.

9. Fill the kitchen-one of the best ways to lose weight is to surround yourself with healthy foods. Instead of filling your kitchen and refrigerator with junk food try filing it with healthy alternatives.

10. Kids menu – when you are out with friends or family dining out at your favorite spot then order of the kids menu. You lower your intake of calories as well as lower the amount of food you take in. Sounds silly, but it really works.

11. When choosing things to snack on or to make a meal out of one good thing to eat is fruits and vegetables that have been seasoned.

12. Instead of grabbing some Mc Donalds fries think about grabbing some healthy mashed potatoes or backed potatoes. They are much more filling and healthier for you to eat.

13. Many people gain weight because of stress. They have this mindset that food will solve all their problems. Well food is not the solver of problems only cause of. So, instead of running to the fridge to grab the ice cream every time you get emotional try taking a walk around the block. Do anything to remove yourself from the situation that is making you stressed and take a break.

14. For any diet, or weight loss program to work you have to move. This means taking a walk, going swimming, running, or exercising. It will help you relieve a ton of stress, sleep healthier and help your weight goals in a very positive manner.

15. Alternative culture foods – America has a lot of unhealthy food choices. However, we are a culture of mixed ethnicities that have brought their food recipes with them. Try eating a healthier meal from the Asian continents, Mediterranean diet. Simply change up the foods you are eating into a healthier alternative. It’s a great way to learn about a new culture while you are dieting.

16. Alcohol, Unfortunately, our favorite past time of alcohol are a not only bad for it can also make us fat. There are so many calories in a beer or fruity drink that it is best to avoid them while you are dieting for a healthier lifestyle.

17. Meat – While dieting you still need to have a healthy source of protein. The best place to continue to receive the best protein is through eating fish. Stay away from red meats or fatty chicken. The fish provides you great, healthy antioxidants and other essential vitamins that are a great supplement to your rapid weight loss diet.

18. When dieting many people have issues with constipation. This can be resolved by continuing to eat more things that are high in fiber and by drinking more liquids.

19. The food groups are always laughed at, but they are a good basis for all of the essential foods that you need. So, when you diet never neglect to eat from one and not the other they all have a role to play in keeping us healthy.

20. When dieting we may think that skipping a meal now and then can only help us lose weight. Sure it will help us lose weight until we are hungry again. So, always try and have a good breakfast or a small cereal bar to help you jump start the day. No, coffee is not breakfast. However, it will help maintain healthy antioxidants in your diet.


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