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Ten most common diet mistakes we make

Updated on May 16, 2011

The objective of a healthy diet is to have a healthy life obviously -- live a well meaningful existence and to avoid major health failures which can cause our lives like heart problem, cholesterol problem, high blood pressures etc. And of course the inability to do things because of obesity. It also caused depression and anxiety if at times you don’t feel you belong and you sulk because you think everybody is looking at you. Being fit is nice for your emotional and physical well being. It is advisable to eat healthily and to be conscious about your health for the reason being that it is really bad for your health, period. Being fit takes a lot of effort if you are not determined to maintain certain level of weight, forget it. The saying that goes, “I am ok with my health and I am proud and comfortable with it”, -- denial is the worst enemy of dieting.

I will share some common dieting mistakes we sometimes succumbed to:
  1. Binge eating - this is simply define as a pattern of uncontrollable eating which consists of episodes of eating non-stop. When a person feels the urge to eat uncontrollably they consume large amount of food, and most often than not, they try to hide this eating patterns to people as they are shamed of it. And after they done binge eating they feel guilty and do something like induced vomiting, heavy exercise and punishing themselves like not eating for like one day or so, but the next time they eat again, they will eat many as they can, as they are so hungry. So it is a cycle, usually, binge eating is a product of not eating properly during meals and of rushing for example in the morning when you skip breakfast, and then when you have the chance to eat, you succumbed to binge eating.
  2. Eating foods from time to time -- because they are thinking that this is not equivalent to a large amount of calories at one time eating. It can add up really even if you choose to eat at small amounts but you eat many time too, then it is like eating big amount of food in one eating.
  3. Be knowledgeable about amount of calories -- They don’t know anything about the amount of calories they are taking in. There are simply foods which you can avoid like cakes, super sweets and ice cream and even if you eat little of it, you are sure to gain that pound. Surely, you know for yourself if you are already abusing these “sweet foods” etc. It helped also if you are going to study about calories.
  4. Sticking to your schedule time of eating -- They are not following their schedule of food intake, they eat small amount of food during meals, but they also eat from time to time, many mouthfuls of food and they are not conscious of it too.
  5. Dieting needs consistency --- Giving yourself a break is not good, for example you say well, today is Sunday this is my free time in front of the TV watching football, it is my privilege to have a day off eating. Obviously consistency plays a big part of dieting.
  6. Drink colas moderately --- Be conscious of the drink you gulp, like for example, you might say “I can drink and drink colas because I didn’t eat much anyway”, but the truth is that according to research, you become hungrier more if you drink sweetened colas and drinks specially sweet ones have hidden calories too
  7. Deprivation -- Depriving yourself of a certain food and then when you have the chance you gulp it all and eat a lot of it.
  8. Don’t be swayed by others -- Telling your friends about it and then when they suggest something you follow what they say, not following what you are supposed to have started
  9. Lifestyle -- once in a while is good but going to “eat all you can” restaurants all the time is surely a bad habit, plus “Friday nights out” are used for splurge eating and drinking beers and eating chips, including all fried fat foods.
  10. Denial -- Most of all, when you think that eating is a privilege and you lived only once, plus you think that there is no problem, it means you are in denial, while everybody is saying you are overweight, you seem to tell yourself that you are alright.

There’s no way living life perfectly?? hehe. Strict as the rules are, you really need these reminders to really have a focus and discipline and healthy life too. Check my other hubs about dancing, lovemaking and tae bo, any one of this article or combination of at least two is good for your health.


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