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The ABCDE of Love In Relation To HIV/AIDS

Updated on March 21, 2016



The ABCDE Of Love

A is for Abstinence

That is it! Abstinence simply means one has to avoid involving themselves in sexual activities. The advice mainly refers to the unmarried. They should wait until they get respective spouses they should be married to.

The youth think otherwise. They will go to any expense to be sexually active. Their peers won’t give them peace of mind though. They will give their peer pressure. They will further make their stories stick with myths and misconceptions. They then do not allow them to rest until they fall into temptation. Temptation devours them and they now fall victims of promiscuity. Abstinence is now forgotten and it becomes a thing of the past. What method can we use to assist our youth to abstain?

Once honey is tasted, one plans to make a bee hive. A first time is normally a gateway into addiction. Addiction opens doors to very many other things. It invites use of pills and other contraception so as to avoid pregnancies. Despite the fact, condoms are introduced so as to avoid diseases and pregnancy. The buns have been soiled.

Abstinence is a sure way to ensure that one remains pure in the eyes of God. To men, ladies who abstain normally are like pure gold. The gold is sought all the time. They are a gem. Something of very high value. They are marriage material.

On the other hand, ladies who move from man to man are branded as cheap. They are mainly discussed in men domains. The ladies become a subject of reference. One man refers her to another; once used, they are branded as cheap. The men put a cheap price on her. They may brand them as crisps or soda.

Men also are not left behind. Once they are busy bringing in one woman after the other, they end up not valuing the woman. The men now treat their wives as sex organs. The harm has been done.

Abstinence is purity! It is a virtue. Every young man and woman must lean it.

B is to be Faithful

Being faithful means having one marriage partner and sticking to them. It is grieving to notice how men and women rush into the arms of foreign people. They rush into the arms of people who are not their spouses. Being faithful to them is a thing of the past. They do it oblivious of diseases looming in the dark. The urge for variety drives them on. They no longer worry of hurting their better halves. Their passion is killing them fast.

To be faithful is keeping marriage pure. It ensures that one only drinks from his or her own well. Being faithful is the lock that ensures that the key only fits and opens one door. One starts to enjoy their marriage. Their minds are centered on their spouses only. Love in marriage blossoms as the one you love is your spouse only.

The youth may also argue that they can also be faithful to their lovers despite not being married. How wrong they are! Sex outside marriage is impure. The probability of the two of you finally marrying is negligible. What will happen if that fiancée whom you have been having an affair with finally marries another? Bear in mind that you gave the other partner your all. You gave your unconditional love. You were faithful to the other person. Yet you finally discover the other person had an eye for the other! You feel betrayed and cheated. You feel dejected and vulnerable. You may end up moving and sleeping around just to get even.

The faithfulness should therefore work with those in a relationship. The challenge arises when one is in a bi or multi-relationship. Here one may not be sure if the faithfulness. Therefore it works well in monogamy.

Be Faithful.

C is to use Condom

Condoms can be used in both the single relationship and in cheating in marriages. It is there for those who cannot abstain or be faithful. It tries to ensure diseases are not contracted in these relationships. Pregnancies are also prevented.

The problem arises when we have to sit down and evaluate what the condom really is. They are made of rubber or latex. Latex is extracted from the sap of a certain tree. We know that this piece of rubber cannot lack small pores. Now my worry comes because this pore-filled rubber is to prevent viruses from penetrating the pores. In my opinion it can easily allow the virus to enter. Osmosis therefore allows the virus to move from low concentration to high concentration through a semi permeable membrane.

There is also the case of the rubber passing through shaved areas. These areas have sharp prickly hair that can easily make dents in the rubber. It will allow the virus to the restricted areas. What more evidence do you need to prove that the condom is not one hundred percent a sure way of preventing HIV/AIDS.

Another problem arises when during the final act intensity of movement is involved. It in fact becomes dangerous as the condom may split endangering what you were trying to prevent.

Dstands for Death

As indicated earlier, the only two methods that can be a sure way to prevent diseases brought by love are Abstinence and Being Faithful. Most people mostly ignore the methods. They end up getting involved in other activities which is not beneficial to them.

The holy book mentions that the wages of sin is normally death. It goes without say that when all the wrong things have been done, what remains is death to come and claim their victims. Death arises out of diseases like HIV/AIDS which is claiming lives. With the discovery of ART and ARV’s the toll tends to rise rather than decline. Once victims of the disease have taken the anti-retrivals and done the therapy, they start living normal lives. Their bodies grow healthy and cannot believe they are sick. Because of the rising of bodily pleasures that many engage in, these victims become candidates. The spread of the diseases are magnified. Candidates of death increase highly.

We may prolong life but finally death settles in. We are all candidates of the grave. Since we are all candidates we should try to avoid all that may make our God angry.

You may be born once but end up dying twice. You die the physical death and also the spiritual death. The only safer person is the one who is born twice. One who is born of water and also the spiritual birth is born twice. Being born of water is the physical and being baptized and receiving Jesus as your personal savior is the spiritual birth. Such a person just dies once. Only the physical!

E is Eternity

Eternity describes our final resting place. The grave is not the end but just the beginning of an end. There is eternal damnation or eternal life awaiting us. The sin of the flesh has defeated many people. Are you ready for eternal life or eternal damnation?



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    • stbrians profile image

      Meshack Bwoyele Keya 3 years ago from Vihiga County,Western Kenya

      Thank you much for taking your time to read a bout this.Your positive comment is also very much appreciated.Thanks

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      Good points on this sensitive topic. Your acronym really brings out the importance of each point.