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The Antidote to Chaos - Calm

Updated on April 27, 2017

Beautiful Thailand

Opening your heart to the right energy

Many subjects magnetize your mind when you go online and find articles about chaos staring back. The banter online lately has been a mix of polarizing drama turning your attention this way and that. If we all knew what was really going on, we would look within to find calm. But how can we do that when we've conditioned ourselves to look outside of us for certainty and regularity? Does it seem to you that everything is changing? All at once?

This type of awareness is a gift, but one that must be handled with care. When we are in control of our emotions and not letting drama run away with us, we can choose for ourselves the path forward.

When one is in chaos, thoughts are erratic, behaviour unpredictable, and mood swings obvious. No one is perfect but handling your emotional scale can greatly reduce your pain and fear of life.

Let's get a few things straight. No one wants to be crazy or mentally unstable. But taking everything too seriously could make anyone fly off the handle or jump off the deep end. There is relief, in yourself. And I can show you how to find it. We'll stake a claim and build around it, knowing from within that you've got this covered.

Let's open up to a few new things here in this article to get the ball rolling.


Questions you can ask yourself:

Does 'it' (the chaos or present craziness) directly affect my life now?

Is 'it' (chaos) visible to me in my space?

Do I know the people involved, personally?

If these are answered No, surely you already feel better. Remember to put 'news' into context this way.

Koh Mak, Thailand


The Antidote

I experienced a great calmness after working with my energy, guided by a qualified instructor over a six month period in 2009. This period of my life was truly transformative because at the end of our sessions, I began to enlighten my teacher. The student had graduated into more understanding about how emotion affects the body, mind and spirit. We are energetic magnets and pull and draw to us certain types of energy on a daily basis. But if what's surrounding you is chaos, perhaps you are drawing to you from an undiscovered part of yourself. This space within you can be accessed through stillness of thought.

But who has time to still your thoughts in this day and age!? There is an antidote.

Serene in the City is a 'Calmness' program series designed to enlighten you to your calm giving abilities. Classes, workshops and group sessions aid in the balancing of emotion, the calmness in change and the ability of each one of us to make miracles.

Doesn't this soft, sandy pathway calm you?

How is Your Calmness?

Do others seem more calm than you?

See results

Koh Samui, Thailand

Being calm sounds like a luxury!

The reason we need to be calm is because it slows the aging of our bodies, and produces less wear and tear on our bodies. Stress is the great killer in life, and it wears our bodies down. Illness is most often associated with stress, so its not just in our best interest to be kinder, calmer and less stressed - Its literally saving our lives!

Our busy world keeps us knocking about until we fall into bed at night. And until we fix our system to include palm trees, sandy shores and warm waters for everyone everyday, or whatever your bliss is, we need to preserve a state of blissfulness inside. And so that we don't lose ourselves.

Your body would normally require: enough rest, enough water to drink, exercise, fresh air and love from family and friends, meaning and value in our experience. These things are simple but don't always come naturally. Simple rituals can be established, and more information shared that will positively affect your whole life going forward.

Be part of the change!

Music to delight! Waterflame - Chaotic Calm

Serene in the City's Purpose

We are here to help.

Because our world seems topsy turvy right now, its more important than ever that we focus on maintaining equilibrium. This is something that doesn't come naturally to everyone.

We will help you ground yourself and move forward in a way that feels good, is balanced, and sustainable.

Now is the time... Serene in the City Classes, Courses and Workshops.



I am safe
I am home
I am welcome
I am heard
All is well
I am loved
I am balanced
I am in alignment
I am whole

Imagine your life, your way


Contact Info

Cassandra At Or visit Facebook at Serene in the City!

We'd love to hear from you! Inquiries are welcome. Custom presentations are available and welcomed for your office, community or family.

Workshops, Courses and Coaching are available, too!

Tune in to learn how to stay calm, be more resilient and enjoy life more! Practical skills and experiences are fun and engaging, and will teach you how to manage your 'madness'!

Join us to learn more!


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