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Does The Apple Patch Diet Make The Grade?

Updated on March 8, 2011

The Name

Contrary to the impression you might get from the name, the Apple Patch Diet makes no use of transdermal patches whatsoever. In fact, the product this company markets is a diet pill. Says the official site:

"Simply take two Apple Patch Diet capsules in the morning with a full glass of water... THAT'S IT!"

If only weight loss were that simple... If you're one of the many people struggling with weight, chances are you've come across at least one diet scam in your life (if you haven't, take a moment to scroll through the hundreds of dissatisfied customers on my hub about Wu-Yi tea). Everyone's looking for that magic bullet, and unfortunately, it eludes us with the Apple Patch Diet, as with so many other products that promise such impressive results.

The Claim

The ingredients of the Apple Patch capsules are pretty standard, as far as weight loss aids go: Hoodia, Yerba Matae, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Guarana, White Willow Bark, etc. So what are they claiming is so special about this particular pill? On the "Why It Works" section of the website, the company extols the virtues of Hoodia in particular, citing a BBC report by correspondent Tom Mangold, stating that after eating a piece of hoodia the size of half a banana, his hunger was completely satiated for a full 24 hours.

The Game

Now, according to the Hoodia Company, a 1/4 tsp of hoodia powder weighs approximately 400 milligrams. The pills the Apple Patch diet is selling each contain 500 mg of hoodia. I'm no mathematician, but the difference between a quarter of a teaspoon and a half a banana seems rather large, and would lead me to believe that there's a lot less hoodia in these capsules than demonstrated the miraculous effects Mr. Mangold reported on his visit to the Kalahari. All this, assuming that the hoodia included in the Apple Patch pills is genuine Hoodia Gordonii, which, as you can read on my hoodia hub, you can't always be sure of.

Another red flag is raised by the Apple Patch Diet's affiliate program. Unlike a large number of affiliate programs on the net, which are happy for the free publicity, the Apple Patch Diet requires that affiliates pay to promote their product. Google "Apple Patch Diet," and the complaints of unsatisfied affiliates on message boards are the number two result, second only to the official Apple Patch Diet website itself.

All in all, my opinion is that affiliates and dieters alike would do well to steer clear of the Apple Patch Diet, and focus instead on getting in that apple a day, as part of a healthy diet.


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    • profile image


      13 years ago

      thanks for the summary, thought it looked too good to be true.

    • rolandfrasier profile image


      13 years ago from San Diego, California, USA

      Interesting hub. Did you figure out why they call it a "patch" diet? If there is no patch involved, I am kind of curious? Cheers, Roland

    • fakonig profile image


      13 years ago from Cape Town

      Diet pills don't work, changing your eating habits does. Diet pills are the refuge of the not so commited to make themselves feel better, at least you are trying fools talk. LOL!

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish MS 

      13 years ago from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation

      Great information that everyone needs to have, Maddie!

      The only pill I know personally that eliminates appetite is Ritalin in some of my students when they weere in elementary school! Diet scams are a buig business and people keepo thinking. "Maybe the NEXT one will work." They need to realize for what good that money could have been used instead of pills.

      Thanks for these reviews. :)

    • skatoolaki profile image


      13 years ago from Louisiana

      So many scams, so little time to weed through them all! Thanks for the info and heads up!

    • Jason Stanley profile image

      Jason Stanley 

      13 years ago

      Once again - you hit a bulls eye!

      As a professional in the weight loss arena, I agree, There is no magic bullet. And certainly there will not be a magic pill- no matter what the guy wanting your money says.

      Thanks for your insight and willingness to honestly address these issues.

    • Sapristi! profile image


      13 years ago

      Thanks for debunking another nutrition scam! I love reading your posts.

    • Rob Jundt profile image

      Rob Jundt 

      13 years ago from Midwest USA

      I always thought this was a scam. Thanks for the insight.


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