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The Best Chinese Food You Can Eat to Stay Healthy and Lose Weight

Updated on October 17, 2015

This weeks health challenge is fun- it's about eating healthy at your favorite Chinese Food Restaurant!

Here's a great way to open the door to a world of culinary possibilities- literally. Take a world tour of foods. Try one new cuisine or ethnic dish that you haven't tried before. If you're up for the challenge, keep adding something new for one meal every week. Different cultures have experimented with different preparation methods and combinations of ingredients over time, giving each a rich, delicious and exciting distinction from what you may be used to.

“Variety is the spice of life,” as the old saying goes. It is important to always have variety in your diet. If you're eating the same few foods on rotation, you eventually get bored. If you get bored, you will start to crave those easy “go-to's” that you're trying to stay away from. Whether you're dieting to lose weight or just trying to eat healthier, it is very important to constantly introduce new foods to your diet. The more freedom of choice you have, the easier it is to adhere to the positive changes you are trying to make. But there's another reason to expand your food horizons- to benefit from the different vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other nutrition benefits of each. If there's only a few vegetables that you like- there's only a few vitamins you're getting, and I would bet money that you just haven't found all the ones that you do like. So keep trying!

A delicious bowl of Egg Drop Soup (^_^)
A delicious bowl of Egg Drop Soup (^_^) | Source

Which Chinese Soup is your Favorite?

See results
Buddha's Delight
Buddha's Delight | Source
Yup- That's a BARREL of steamed rice. Delicious but carborific!
Yup- That's a BARREL of steamed rice. Delicious but carborific! | Source

Enjoy the healthy side of Chinese dishes to lose weight

Chinese may bring to mind the idea of various thick, vaguely gelatinous sauces smothering bits of fried meats, over so much white sticky rice that you're bloated and exhausted by the end of your meal. If it does, its time to raise your standards on this fine far eastern cuisine.

First of all- Chinese soups are amazing! Each restaurant makes theirs a little differently and I've had some great ones and some stinkers, so don't get turned off to a certain kind just because you had one bad rendition. For me, this goes for Vegetable Tofu Soup more than anything else. Also called bean curd, Tofu is a meatlike protein derived from soy beans (what can't those little pods do?). Tofu can be prepared to take on various textures and takes on the flavor of whatever you put it in. If you aren't ready for Tofu just yet, try some Wonton Soup or Egg Drop Soup. Whatever soup you choose, start any Chinese meal with a small portion of soup. This will help you control overeating later in the meal as well.

It is also important to watch how much rice you are eating. It is a cheap ingredient and most restauranteurs are very generous with it. A serving of white rice is ½ cup. That means the pint they give you is at least 4 servings. There are also lots of great vegetable choices, some restaurants devote entire sections of their menu to them. I recommend choosing steamed options over anything fried.

And one more tip with Chinese food- eat with chopsticks, not only will you eat slower and fill up sooner, you will pick up less of any oil than you would with a fork.

Here's a quick look at some common choices and some better substitutes:

Bad Choice
Better Choices
Best Choice
Fried Dumplings
One Egg Roll or Cup of Egg Drop Soup
Cup of Hot and Sour Soup
General Tso's Chicken
Pepper Steak Stirfry or Kung Pow Chicken
Steamed Chicken with Broccoli
Any thick, sticky sauce
Soy Sauce or Tabasco
No Sauce
© 2015 Matthew Ryczko
© 2015 Matthew Ryczko | Source

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