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The Effects of Smoking in Our Society

Updated on May 28, 2014

In the past, smoking has always been a leisurely habit that could be done openly and in various places in public. Despite the surgeon general warnings, the general populations of smokers have always remained steady. During the 1930’s and 40’s and even the 50’s, glamorous images of smokers were shown to send messages of sophistication and style. It has grown into quite a popular habit and continues to be presently. However over time many have come to realize the serious side effects of smoking and how it impacts both the smoker and others involved. There are many pros and cons when considering indulging in this habit. Many enjoy smoking as a social habit while dining at restaurants with their friends and family. Regardless of the fact that smoking began long ago, it is still a very popular habit. There are many that rely on its stimulating effects. Many rely on cigarettes for its relaxing effects as well. Despite the fact that smoking is a social habit that has been an aide for successful businesses, many support the banning of public smoking. Another negative effect from public smoking is that it has become a hazard as well as a burden on our healthcare system. Being in a smoke filled place in public takes away our right to choose whether to place ourselves in that type of environment. This in turn would result in a loss of business for some establishments. This is especially true for those establishments where smoking is part of the main scene. An example of those establishments would be bars/restaurants, bowling alleys, night clubs, pubs, and different social clubs. The cigarette companies have definitely profited from the various popular places that seem to cater to smoking and drinking. However, among all of the hype there seems to be a lack of regards of the general health and wellbeing of our society. What condition would our society be in had we not been more aware of the health issues in our society? That includes being aware of what is harmful to the public and doing what is needed to eradicate those situations. It seems that the focus has become more about profit and less on about the general welfare of our society. This is evident in the promotion of smoking in various cigarette ads. Although nowadays there seems to be fewer advertisements than before, they are still presently running and we are still smoking. While smoking remains to be a popular social habit, the effects of secondhand smoke in public places will result in the decline in health which will result in the development of various diseases that will eventually lead to higher fatality rates in the U.S. Because of its chemical makeup, the dependency that develops with the use of nicotine is often compared to cocaine. Many establishments have taken advantage of this growing habit by promoting and catering to the population of smokers in our society. This will definitely have a lasting negative affect on our society.


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