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First Vita Plus: Bad or Good?

Updated on July 25, 2017

My Personal Experience With First Vita Plus

I knew about Vita Plus since 2014. I usually see my mother buying this product for my father. My father was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease during that time. The doctor advised him to have his dialysis session but he refuse to since he believe that once he will undergo dialysis it would mean forever and for him it means death. Even though I tried to explain that at times, people may only need one dialysis especially if his condition is not yet worst and I also did researched that at times patient with CKD might be required to undergo dialysis only once just to let his kidney rest for a while and then eat a little so that your kidney may not stress. But since he didn't listen to my advise, my mother usually buy him this vita plus. I really don't know what is this product at first. So I kept questioning my mother and she told me that this product is a miraculous product featured on different channels or networks in television. My mother told me that it is used for cleansing or detoxifying one's body. After a week, my father was admitted to the hospital and underwent an emergency dialysis. Meaning, the effect of this product became lesser on my own view since it didn't help alleviate my father's condition. Since my father is having his dialysis session, he needs to decrease his oral fluid intake. His vita plus product stayed in our house for a month until I thought of getting it rather than to throw it. I stated drinking as it tastes like juice since it has different flavors. I love to drink it using hot water rather than cold but it didn't make any effect on my body since others claim that they loose the weight when they drink this for a month. So, the more I got curious with this product.

What Does First Vita Plus Contains Which Makes It Healthy?

First Vita Plus contains the so-called "Five Herbs" which includes the following:

1. Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera

  • It is used to help weak bones.
  • It is the solution for an anemic person.
  • It is rich in Calcium, Potassium, and Vitamin C

2. Dahon ng Sili or Capsicum Frutescens

  • A good source of calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins A and B.
  • It aids in digestion and it is perfect for those who have intestinal or digestive problems.

3. Saluyot or Corchorus Olitorius

  • It helps in removing obstructions
  • It is a diuretic which helps removes body waste or toxin in our body.
  • It helps promote the flow of milk.
  • It helps in cleansing by removing bowel obstruction.
  • It helps alleviate pains.
  • It is good for those who has enteritis.

4. Uray or Amaranthus Spinosus

  • It helps in treating coughs.
  • It protect the body by stopping liquid bowels.
  • It helps in relieving difficulty in breathing caused by bronchitis.

5. Talbos ng Kamote or pomoea Batatas

  • It is high in calories and Vitamin A. It can be eaten as vegetables.
  • It helps in curing diabetes.
  • The leaves when crushed is made as poultice in acne and boils.

Difference of First Vita Plus To The Fresh Vegetables

I just wonder why people keep on buying this expensive product. Is it because of its effect? Is it because of people testimonials? Is it because they thought they can use this product to cure their diseases?

For me, instead of buying this concentrated juice why not eat the real healthier thing,the fresh fruits and vegetables. After all, what you are really after is the benefit of the product. The benefit of this product is 100% found in that 5 herbs mentioned. That 5 herbs were really amazing. I love to eat those vegetables.

Opinion Of Mine With This Product

I am not saying that this product is not good to people's health. Actually, it is really amazing that they had this product but if I am going to buy fresh Vegetables I don't think it would cost me that much. One more thing dealers manipulate people's mind by saying that with this product they don't need to undergo medications or therapies where in fact this product actually serves as a preventive measures but never a curative one. There's nothing wrong to buy this product but you need to claim for the truth.

I had this personal encounter with one worker who deals with this product. Every time someone has hyper acidity or cold, she always says that they need to drink "first vita plus" like her because it helps cure her colds. One day, I saw her inside the clinic asking for medication because she had cough and colds. I was about to tell her as to where is her magic product wherein she most needs it during her sickness but I just kept silent.

Therefore, only God knows what is best for us. He gave us life and He has the power of it.

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