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High Exposure

Updated on February 26, 2013

A Cell Interrupted

Cellular flow
Cellular flow | Source

A Cell Interrupted

High Exposure, Volume 1, Issue 20, 2-26-2013

In this day and age we are exposed to more and more chemicals in airborne specimens, toxins, chemically treated foods, smog, ozone layer depletions, and Genetically Manufactured Organisms (GMO’s); then any other generational group in history. Since the industrial age technology has given us new and great things but it also has brought about change to our own DNA and our molecules are affected by most of these changes. Some of the illnesses or maladies we are experiencing as human beings affected by our external and internal environments are: Malaria, Cancer, Sickle-Cell Anemia, Heart disease, E-coli, Cystic Fibrosis, Chronic Fatigue, Leukemia, Aging, and Immune System Deficiency. These illnesses are all conditions of the Immune System, where DNA molecules are replicated and mutated because of its change in structure and exposure to detrimental elements.

When the Atomic Soup is mixed the elements and all the chemicals we breathe, ingest, and touch are blended together. So our DNA is affected and has been exposed to detrimental chemical compositions that are passed and duplicated in the replication cellular process causing detrimental illnesses and maladies that were born in the changed environment.

When DNA splitting occurs it causes the cells to be replicated or duplicated to fight off illness and diseases but, if the cell splits and it is mutated because of exposure to chemicals in or outside the body then it mutates. Just like the cell is mutated in Sickle-Cell Anemia, it mutates and hides behind good cells to conceal the bad cell mutation (Watson, F., DNA, The Secret of Life, (2003).

The baseline of our spine carries numerous cells and basically carries our primary DNA as explained in Watson and Crick’s, The Double Helix that contains valine, adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine. This is why the vitamins in the B1 to B12 categories are very important to the cellular structure.

Red blood Cells are Oxygen transporters; however, they do not maintain a nucleus like the white blood cells. They are primarily produced in the Bone Marrow. Therefore, it is extremely hard to reproduce the cell in duplication, replication, or splitting of cells.

There are countries where unfortunately the cellular structure of human beings is affected by mutated DNA, mostly in underdeveloped countries like Africa where Malaria is rampant and the nutrition of the people of these countries is very bad, industrialization is at its worst, therefore, emitting numerous contaminates into the air we breathe, and there is an epidemic of malnutrition. According to UNICEF Amino-acid deficiency along with nutrient deficient publics is common in underdeveloped countries, and more than 124 million children around the world are lacking in Vitamin A and where their health may be affected by blindness.

As I mentioned before babies are exposed to chemicals and toxins in their first year of life more than any other generation in history because of Genetically Manufactured Foods (GMO’s) in their baby formula and in the food they ingest.

So eating healthy, vamping up our homes to resist exposure to chemicals, exercising, drinking lots of water, eating supplements, getting a lot of Oxygen, engaging our minds and emotions, and sleeping are all part of the process to better health and well-being to fight off the bad toxins, chemicals, and irregularities that may affect our molecular structure (DNA).

We must become advocates for our own health and well-being, empowering ourselves, and we should not become complacent, so we need to learn and educate our children and ourselves to what we are exposed to and to what these substances affect our well-being and health.


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