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The Five Reasons Why Sex Can Cure You

Updated on March 22, 2019

Now we have all heard the saying before, “Sex is not just good, it is good for you!” Before, women and men alike have scoffed at the idea, but stop where you are, and ladies hide this information from your men—it is true! After some serious digging to unearth any respectable truth to this saying, I stumbled upon five benefits to having sex that everyone should know about. So, the next time you are not quite in the mood but your partner is begging with those puppy dog eyes, remember this information and give them a hand…

Sex Can Ease Stress and Stop Depression

A number of people would dispute this point, many saying they feel further pressure with the need to squeeze sex into the schedule. Stop kidding yourself. Sex (better yet, making love) is one of the best organic medicines for stress management. Studies illustrate that those who engage in frequent intercourse and attain orgasm are less violent and aggressive than those who have sex on rare occasions. Furthermore, other studies have shown that regular sex can also lower death rates for both men and women and reduce the risk of heart attack in women.

Those who endure depression and follow a therapeutic and medicinal regiment may also experience relief from sexual intercourse. According to State University in Albany, NY, semen can act as an antidepressant. The study showed that women having sex without protection had fewer signs of depression than others due to hormones released during the act. (Side note: Please be sure to practice safe sex, condoms should always be used unless you and your partner are magnanimous or the pill is being used)

Sex Can Prevent Prostate Cancer

You heard me right, prevent cancer. Numerous studies have shown that a high ejaculation frequency among men was linked to a decreased threat of prostate cancer. Reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association, men who orgasm a minimum of twelve times per month reduce their rate of cancer by 30%. And men will jump for joy to hear that those who increase their ejaculations more than three times per week, have an additional 15% decrease in prostate cancer risk. Before you boys start clapping your hands with glee and use this as a pretext to get your partner in bed—this study also applies to those who masturbate, so if she/he is not up for a little ‘sack time’, grab that bottle of lotion, light some candles and curl up with a naughty movie!

Sex Can Burn Some Major Calories

One more advantage for those who complain there is no time for the gym. Sex has proven to burn between 100-140 calories per hour (dependant on position and place). That statistic is more calories burnt that one hour of walking!

What’s more, since sex is a legitimate form of exercise, it can also be proven to reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure and improve circulation as well as any other exercise regimen.  The deep breathing and increased heart rate in thirty minutes of intense intercourse can boost the flow of blood to the entire body; supplying fresh hormones, nutrients and oxygen to the brain and other organs. 

Sex Can Relieve Those Dreadful Cramps

Many women have found that sex and orgasms can actually alleviate menstrual cramps. In a study performed by Dr. Roy Levin at Sheffield University in England, he found that during orgasm a woman’s uterus contracts causing it to use up excess Prostaglandins (a hormone produce by the uterine lining). This hormone moves menstrual blood from the uterus, causing menstrual cramps, thus removing excess Prostaglandins can limit the uterine contractions during a period.

An added benefit of sex during a period is ending the cycle sooner. You are not reading this wrong, I said sooner! When a woman orgasms, her uterus goes through several muscle contractions which can hasten menstruation. When the uterus contracts, the lining shifts and is forced out through the vagina, thus causing the rest of your menstrual blood to be shed sooner, as a result ending the period early.

The New Headache Cure

Hate to break yet another excuse, but it is time we women told the truth. How many men have heard the infamous lines, “Not tonight, honey. I have a headache”? I will admit to having used that defense once or twice, but no longer. Several research groups (most lead by men, I am sure) have found that vaginal stimulation during sex and orgasms can provide pain relief by releasing chemicals that calm migraine receptors. In a study performed by, of eighty-three women questioned, 30% noted some pain relief from migraines after intercourse, 17.5% became completely pain free, while only 5.3% noticed a worsening of symptoms after intercourse.

Now go get busy! 


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