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The Healthy Benefits of Living With Less

Updated on February 14, 2018

When You Have Too Much Stuff.

" A lot of people express that they are overwhelmed"

"They become nonfuntional and nonproductive."

The ramification of clutter is stress. Stress makes us anxious. Constant stress causes anxiety. Its downhill from there.

When our home, life, or mind, is cluttered, there is a constant tension nagging at us. Over time, our mind and heart begin to race and we feel tightness in our chest. Sometimes our blood pressure rises, while our sleep and ability to focus diminish. Its common knowledge, but it cant hurt to repeat it, "chronic stress will wreak havoc on your physical and mental health as well as your outlook on life." This in effect can cause a decline in social activity as the feeling of unfinished business looms overhead like a like a storm cloud. It is a brutal cycle that can consume to much time, and energy, while accomplishing very little.

Clutter Attracts Unwelcome Visitors but, repels those we would welcome- our friends and family.

Dusts mites: are impossible to rid of completely and can cause or trigger asthma. Especially in children.

Cockroaches: love to hide under undisturbed piles of clothes, papers and boxes. Another cause of allergies and other bacteria related illnesses.

Mold: is another allergen that can cause all kinds of issues such as head and body aches, brain fog, and respiratory problems.

Poor State of Mind Verses Poor Health

The World Health Organization interprets health in general as a state of well being physically, socially, and mentally. Meaning that if any of these aspects of health are in some way damaged or compromised, it can have an overall effect on our well being.

The mind and body are in no way separate entities but each work in conjunction. When one is under constant duress the other reacts in a negative manner. This is why its important to identify the underlying cause of your clutter habit. Once you do there are simple positive steps you can take to get your life and your health back.

Life in your kitchen, living room, and your bedroom. Know when life has taken over your space.

" Life can sometimes get the best of you but your state of mind determines the outcome." Sanjo JendayI

Giving Yourself Permission To Let Go and Stop With the Defeatist Behavior.

No doubt most people who deal with " stuff " have tried to find creative ways to store it or keep it organized and have been utterly unsuccessful. If your like my friend Jenny ( name fictitious ) all she managed to accomplish was a storage shed full of mildewed boxes and junk she hasn't touched in years and an attic that is home to rodents. If you are not, by nature, an organized person, then finding ways to store all your stuff is ineffective and self defeating.

Relocating clutter is a common mistake that disorganized people make. You will know if your one of them if you find yourself, traditionally relocating your stuff in an effort to organize it. You likely already know it just moves the mess. The clutter ends up taking over another area of your home.

KISS Method Always Works: Keep it Simple - Slugger!

People are beginning to see the necessity for owning less. A few good reasons are:

1) Less to clean, repair and maintain.

2) Less to worry about.

3) More space and light.

4) A feeling of overall clean, structure and organization.

The brain can get bogged down when our belongings constantly beckon our attention. The more we have, the more of our time is spent on upkeep of our stuff, rather than upkeep of our selves and our relationships.

Eliminating what we don't really need can create space and openness in a room.This gives us a feeling of serenity, a more peaceful atmosphere where we can relax and breath - or stir up motivation and creativity.

A well put together room, free of clutter, even when its being used, looks lived in, not messy. We in turn feel accomplished rather than swallowed up by defeat and debris.

Sometimes it is as simple as finding a good reason to finally rid ourselves of excess. Our health and relationships are good ones and using the most basic method of organization " less is better" is a great tool in which to free up your time and energy and get back to the business of living a healthy and fulfilling life in the comfort of your home.


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    • theraggededge profile image

      Bev G 3 months ago from Wales, UK

      I've been having a nagging thought for ages now that I need to have a massive clear-out. I'm not a hoarder but I could do a lot better. Thanks for the reminder.

    • NewLifeOutlook profile image

      NewLifeOutlook 3 months ago

      Great advice! It's very true that a lot of clutter can bring on unwanted feelings of stress, depression, anxiousness and anxiety.